Shorts with spikes to stylish and modern lady

things with different accessories have always attracted the attention of others.However, more recently "spike beauty" was only attribute rockers.Time is running out.Everything changes.And now things with spikes embedded in our lives and are used in almost all styles and types of clothes.Despite the fact that these accessories all the time, they always attract people's attention.Today we talk about the most important things in the summer season.It's about the studded shorts.Just want to mark, so to say, the scope of socks.Even if the studded shorts terribly trendy, modern and unique, will never wear them to work or official meetings (interviews, etc.).It is at least provocative and indecent.Typically, these items of clothing designed for friendly walks, family gatherings and other social events.

among the youth of today are very popular denim shorts with studs.This trend is absorbed, we can say, all that is stylish and attractive in our time.This metal decoration and irreplaceable denim, and the optimu

m length of the product, which allows you to fully demonstrate the beauty of the legs and at the same time feel confident.Shorts with spikes attract attention.Only that they were looking at his owner in harmony, it is necessary to complement their appropriate style and tone of the coat.This may be a sport shirt, stretched T-shirt with a fun pattern or knitted jacket straight cut.
worth noting that if you pick up clothes for a walk with pets, the fabric should be dark.As is known, white and other light materials are very brand.In these clothes, alas, you will look very unattractive.

Often shorts with studs you can "meet" in supermarkets on young girls and women.This stylish and comfortable thing is an excellent alternative tracksuit.They can easily get out to the store, go to the market or visit the nearest to the house a beauty salon.Well, if this model is very original product, and you wisely supplementing her stylish riding (this can be a jacket, loose sweater or blouse with a print), the shorts with studs become your "chips" in evening dress.As such, you can visit a night club, the evening stroll along the promenade or spend an evening with lyubimym.Dlya to make way fatal, can draw attention to leather goods.Of course, these shorts with spikes not easy to find, but they only allow you to create the most informal form, which seek to achieve many young people and teenagers.

Smoking bans:

1. Avoid low-quality short - thorns significantly increase the cost of goods.Therefore, to their profit and not quite securely fastened.Terrible look spikes that are about ready to break away.

2. Do not buy colored shorts with studs (if it is not well-known brand).It is possible that the paint oblezet.

3. Do not wear shorts with Mike, strewn with thorns.Know when to stop!

4. Choose your size, first and foremost thing is to sit well.