Fashionable denim vest

Denim is always stylish in any season to date.It swagger "celebrities" and socialites, and collections of famous designers rarely do without news of this tissue.Such popularity says only that clothing made of denim will lose relevance than ever.Experienced fashionistas know that each season a new kind of denim clothing is at the peak of popularity.But this year a year of denim vest!This article of clothing has appeared in the status must have!Women's denim vest appeared at the world's celebrities: Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Ciara, Sienna Miller and others.What is this article of clothing, captured the imagination of everyone?

Denim Vest - a unique thing.It is essential that she was in the wardrobe of any girl who is interested in fashion.

It is very interesting and looks good with jeans.The main thing here - to choose the right colors: vest and jeans should not be of the same color, otherwise you will create a gray and boring image.In general, denim jackets are well combined with all thi

ngs of the same fabric.In addition, they will go and under the dress, but more on that below.

Wearing a denim vest, shoes should be selected based on its style.These are great heels and sports shoes.Very often, vests decorated with the help of various stripes, embroidery, patch pockets, rivets and spikes.Consequently, every fashionista without problems be able to choose the model that is right for her.

summer denim jacket goes well with light chiffon dress.From pick up shoes for this outfit ballet flats, loafers or sandals.Massive beads and bracelets successfully complete your image.

For everyday wear, you can create a combination of the traditional, which is a combination vest and plain white T-shirts with a skirt, pants, made of light-light fabric or jeans.

Now option for guys.Buying denim vest for men, it is worth remembering that it will also look great white jersey.Going in the evening for a walk, you can wear down the warm turtleneck.

those who like to dress trendy and stylish will love the combination of a vest with topom bright colors and light long skirt.In this video you can go to any great celebration.

Owners slender and beautiful legs can enhance their beauty by wearing a vest with a mini skirt or shorts.In this case, the preference is to give topu bright saturated color.

If you wanted to go on a date, this vest will help you look like a really expensive and luxurious, which you can wear it with a black body and skinny jeans.

course, do not forget about the various accessories that will give your whole way of consummation.It should be noted that with such an incredibly nice vests look massive metal jewelry scarves and light the brightest colors.Buying a vest bag, you should give preference to all sorts of large models.

In addition, denim vests look incredibly stylish hat with a wide brim cowboy in traditional style and fine straw model.