Blouses with short sleeves - fashionable, feminine, beautiful

Blouse - this is the kind of clothing, which they say "not much happens."Indeed, how many blouses was in the women's locker room, he saw in the window of another, we will want to buy it.This is not surprising, because similar things, including blouses with short sleeves, are practical and versatile garment.Pants, skirt, sundress, shorts ensemble with properly chosen blouse emphasize individuality and femininity of the fair sex.

blouse with short sleeves owes its origin to a man's shirt.The principle of cutting and sewing women's shirts is virtually the same as theirs.A distinctive feature of blouses in a cut waistline and the presence of decorative elements: frills, lace, bows, embroidery, beads, crystals.

blouses combined with different styles of clothing.It is only important to learn how to pick a particular item of clothing to a specific model blouse.The most practical option is short-sleeved blouse with a classic style.They are easy to cut, a minimum amount of decor, or even its absence, monoch

romatic colors.Classical shirt gives the image of modesty, formality, seriousness.This is a great option for business meetings, special occasions, which can be good and everyday office clothes.

Particularly noteworthy white blouse with short sleeves.Such a thing is bound to be in a woman's wardrobe.It is possible to "make friends" with your favorite jeans, and a long narrow pencil skirt and short-colored shorts.In any of these combinations, it will only win, emphasizing your style and originality.Very interesting combination looks bright white blouse with an embroidered collar, or long multicolored beads.A tandem elongated models with a wide belt in a contrasting color favorably emphasize your waist and the perfection of the female form.

Especially popular in recent years, characterized by short-sleeved blouse with a geometric or botanical prints.Small florets, peas, the cells look very gentle and sweet.This option blouses - great for costume on a romantic date, party or as a daily option for work.

opinions on transparent blouses women were divided into "for" and "against."Young girls are very fond of this option blouses, which emphasizes the beauty of the body and sexuality.Ladies older models include transparent to the category of "vulgar."Another thing - the lace blouse.They love everything from little girls to elderly women.And decorate them do not need any accessories, they are beautiful and elegant in itself.For holiday better than you can imagine.

black blouse ensemble with dark trousers or a long skirt can be an alternative to evening dresses.Complement and highlight the "bow", you can use accessories such as a black hat with a wide brim, high-heeled shoes, a belt and a bright beads.Mysterious and romantic image of this outfit is provided to you.

All blouse with short sleeves, regardless of the style, colors, textures, fabrics, designed to emphasize the femininity and elegance of the fair sex.