Dress with thorns - the trend in 2013

All non-standard has always been an object of ridicule, or envious blankly.But things are changing, and life today is different from the one that was yesterday and the day before.Today, throughout the world, democracy reigns, thanks to which many people can afford to dress or make up as pleased.Even if you will dress with spikes on his shoulders, no one dares to accuse you in the absence of taste or inappropriate form.That is why today's young people dress the way they want and only what emphasizes their individuality.

Touching upon the non-standard items, return to such of them as dresses with spikes, which have become fashionable recently.And it became fashionable not so much the dress as the famous and loved by many thorns.If they had attended only biker jackets worn extremely brutal men with long beards, while today there are thorns on dresses, blouses, jeans and even underwear.The latter option, of course, more used to diversify the intimate life, but everyone else has become a common style of cl

othing.That is what dress with studs became fashionable, and whether to buy themselves such, will be discussed in the article.

Many will seem very strange that such a feminine piece of clothing, like dress, is now turned into something prickly and not too sexy.Some simply can not keep in mind how to dress with spikes could get so much popularity among women.What's special about them?Why do girls prefer to wear just a dress, not a classic cocktail?Respond to these questions one only explanation is rather difficult, because many people, so many opinions.For some, the thorns - this is really sexy piece of clothing, while others like a little brutal sort of like a dress.Others just wear dresses with studs because they are sitting a lot better than the classic.Every opinion, especially when it comes to such a unique and specific categories like fashion.

worth noting that dress with spikes can actually look quite unusual and even defiantly, but it does not scare the ladies, because the times when she wanted to be fragile and delicate, long gone.Today's girls are voting for equality in society, strongly demonstrating their position.And clothing is no exception.However, those few who still claims that dress with studs, photos of which can be seen in almost every fashion magazine, is not sexual, it is absolutely wrong.According to the survey, most of those men, who were shown a photo girl in a dress with studs, recognized her very sexy and exciting.The fact that most of the spikes are attached to the black material, which excites the strong sex is not less than the red.That is why even such an unusual thing can cause not censure, but on the contrary, the most positive emotions.