" Lancome Hypnosis " - the mysterious image, which combines elegance and tenderness , mystery and simplicity

Today it is difficult to find a woman or a man, who did not know about the existence of the world-famous flavor "Lancome Hypnosis."His birth was preceded by a seventy-year history of the development of perfume and cosmetics brand Lancôme.Today it is a fashion house, which has a number of perfume is so popular that he even credited with a unique, magical quality.

company Lancôme appeared in the mid-30s of the past century.The name invented by its founder Armand Ptizhan impressed by the ruins and remains of the castle of Le Château De Lancosme.A symbol of the company, rose gold, served as the prototype of overgrown roses at the foot of the castle ruins.In 1935 in Brussels, were presented the first fragrance Lancôme, are firmly established in the hearts of consumers for many years.It Bocages, Tendre Nuit, Kypre, Conquête and Tropiques.

In 2005, after a brief collaboration Thierry Wasser and Annick Menardo, two leading perfumers, was introduced by the best, according to critics, the fragrance of the pe

rfume house - "Lancome Hypnosis."The novelty of the Lancôme «Hypnôse» Women introduced supermodel Daria Werbowy.Men's version was advertised actor Clive Owen.

Design "Lancome Hypnosis" - a modification of the vial Magie, flavor 50s, which has already become a classic.Form has become more stretched and twisted.The color scheme of light, transparent to the sparkling, deep purple, very well emphasizes the mystical and mysterious hypnotism.But what lies behind the name of hypnotic perfume?What is the secret of his success and popularity?

Spirits "Lancome Hypnosis» (Lancome Hypnose Lady) - is a unique warm aroma with a slight accent tree born with a combination of sweet notes of vanilla, fresh vetiver and white flowers and passion.This bright, east-woody perfume is considered ideal for young women, wisely combine family and career.Perfume fascinates and enchants its fine vanilla composition.It has everything: a hint of intrigue exciting, sensual charm and charming flirt.If a woman strives to be stylish, current, elegant, but at the same time mysterious, soft and sexy, it is its fragrance.

Men's version of Lancome Hypnose Men - a combination of qualities such as courage, contrast, specificity and originality.Spirits "Hypnosis" from "Lancome" open hypnotic passionate floral oriental bouquet, filled with juicy tangerine and Calabrian air vetiver.Oriental notes and savory flavor notes give Indonesian patchouli, cardamom and musk and mint.Because of the element of novelty and holiday, Lancome Hypnose Men able to decorate the life of every man.He awakens amazing enthusiasm and attraction in men.

Fragrance Lancome Hypnose immediately won the love of consumers worldwide, and today there are several versions of "Lancome Hypnosis."Version Hypnose Sheer Eau Legere appeared in 2007 in transparent blue bottle.This fragrance contains fascinating combination of incense and vanilla.After that show through the thin, delicate notes of apple, freesia and red currant, jasmine and ends with perfume and orchid.

In 2009 saw the light of Lancome Hypnose Senses vial pale pink.The fragrance combines both sweet and tart accents.The central part of the perfume - it's vanilla and chypre accord, which goes to the aid of patchouli, rose, violet, pink pepper and tonka bean.And it ends with a bright tangerine flavor train.

Every year, fashion houses produce new flavors, many of which are not retained any feelings, nor in the memory of consumers.However, about Lancome Hypnose not say this!Do you want to add a drop of mystery flavor to your image and style - choose Lancome Hypnose!