Gucci Envy perfume

Today Gucci brand is the most influential and authoritative.For millions of dandies and ladies all over the world the phrase "suit from Gucci" or "Gucci shoes" sound like a spell.Of course, not everyone can afford to purchase a thing of the brand, but for those who can afford it, it is a combination of luxury and kitsch.Currently, fashion house Gucci - it's bags and shoes, clothing, furs, perfumes - all that is required for high society.

steps for the company Gucci rapid rise and success always alternated with recession.However, such development is typical of many large companies.For example, a surge in sales of the company belongs to the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century.At this time, there was the first perfumery company.

In 1974 came the first fragrance - a discreet, elegant and stylish chypre.But the development of the perfume line stopped almost twenty years.New fragrances came out very little.However, every new smell was not something completely independent, it is a distinct addi

tion to the perfume picture that can not be confused with the other.

Lovers perfume Gucci brand in 1997, received a magnificent gift - perfume Gucci Envy, has revolutionized the fragrance industry at the time.In those days were very popular oriental scents with their sweetness and pronounced drama.These smells were quite appropriate to the aristocratic official events, but to walk in the park, they were not quite suitable - too heavy.

Gucci Envy joins a collection of floral aromas, green.Author of the popular and famous song - Italian perfumer Maurice Roucel.Aroma fun and cheerful, open scent of juicy pineapple, freesia, magnolia, peach and bergamot, who drowned in the floral harmony of violet, iris, hyacinth, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley.It ends with a velvety train sandalwood, jasmine, musk, oak moss and cedar.

Gucci products designed not only for women but also for men.That is why in less than a year, saw the light of a new composition of Gucci Envy for men.This fragrance belongs to the group of wood, Oriental.The top notes sound coriander, mahogany, ginger, tangerine, lavender.Heart notes - sandalwood, jasmine, rose, white cedar.Basic - skin pambra, patchouli, musk and vanilla.The new fragrance underlines authoritativeness and masculinity, he made the male line Envy Gucci very popular.

must say that Gucci Envy was not limited to the two flavors.He continued in the following years, several original compositions and unusual, sustained in the overall concept.Fragrance Gucci Envy can be considered as the undoubted success of the company, but luck is not random, and deservedly received after a hard work.

Today Gucci - a huge network of 158 stores and boutiques around the world, 275 departments in major department stores and shopping malls.This large-scale advertising campaigns and star clients - Tom Cruise, Madonna, Sharon Stone and others. This is a spectacular and entertaining shows in Milan and Paris.Gucci trademark decorates leather goods, accessories, shoes, 11 lines of clothing, perfumes, watches and furs.