This magic BB cream.

cosmetics industry does not stand still, delighting women with new products to help them in the difficult struggle for beauty and perfection.Thus, innovation has become a kind of BB cream with a revolutionary formula that nourishes the skin, concealing its shortcomings.

Initially, this tool was designed for wound healing after plastic surgery and made it into Germany.However widespread the cream did not get.

situation changed dramatically when the case took cosmetics manufacturers from Korea.Advanced formula, and adding a longer active ingredients, they have ensured that the cream began to fulfill a decorative function and look.What sort of useful properties has BB cream that is and how to use it?Answers to these questions can be found below.

Today almost every eminent cosmetic brand launched its BB cream.Reviews that are replete with the entire Internet, show that the creams manufactured in Europe are significantly inferior as Asian, not having all the miraculous qualities.What good BB cream?

Firstly, it has anti-inflammatory properties, is able to soothe irritation and has a soothing effect on the skin.

Second, it is perfectly disguises its shortcomings, evening skin tone and giving it shine.Due to this the appearance of a person is healthy and well-groomed.

Third, the formula of the cream is rich in vitamins and minerals, which restores the skin, give her effective protection and fighting fatigue.Some manufacturers add in BB cream anti-aging and anti-aging ingredients that slow the aging process and restore skin elasticity.

It should be noted moisturizing and toning cream quality, so that the skin becomes softer, improved complexion.

If you want to try to imagine all the qualities of a tool such as the BB cream reviews to help you make the right choice.

BB Cream Missha Perfect Cover

This cream is made in Korea and is considered the best in its category.Original product effectively fulfills all the functions assigned to it, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of women and premiums received at specialized contests.It can be ordered via the Internet, in local stores because it is not represented.

Maybelline BB cream.Reviews

cream of this brand has the effect of "8 in 1".And, as shown by the reviews, he copes with all tasks assigned to it.Light texture, a high level of protection from the sun, moisture, freshness, radiance and masking minor imperfections on the skin - these properties are noted by those who like cream from Maybelline.Another huge plus is the very democratic price of the goods.

Garnier BB Cream.Reviews

cream of the positive reviews of this brand did not deserve.Most of the ladies, try this product, scolded him for making the skin greasy, dense texture that falls on the face as a mask.Just such cream is contraindicated for oily skin because it can provoke acne.Perhaps BB Cream by Garnier suit owners of dry skin.Of the advantages can be noted good results in masking imperfections and relatively low cost of the product.