Gucci - perfume, time-tested.

Brand Gucci held true test of time.This is evidenced by hundred-year history of the company.It all started with a simple and uncomplicated business, which is based on trade and travel bags suitcases.Later, the activity of the company has been greatly expanded.Under the brand Gucci was arranged production hours, clothes and shoes, gold jewelry and perfumes.

world famous company received only after the death of its founder, when the board was taken over by his sons.Under their leadership, the company launched its activities in many countries, and its brand has become a respected and widely recognized brand.Produced House of Gucci perfume, fashion clothing, travel goods and accessories, without a doubt can be considered a symbol of good taste and high style.

regularity of any company includes ups and downs.This has happened in the history of the House of Gucci.In the sixties and seventies of the last century, the brand products are in great demand on the market.It was then (in nineteen seventy-fourth

year) saw the light issued by the House of Gucci perfume.Aroma, which debuted with the company, was restrained, stylish and elegant chypre.After this event, for nearly two decades, the rapid development of the process of manufacture of perfumes did not.The company was issued a small number of new compositions.However, they all had one common traits unique perfume picture, pointing out to his creator.

In nineteen ninety-five, was released a new fragrance from the House of Gucci - spirits Accenti.This women's composition has a combination of fruit and floral notes.However, it impresses with its freshness and good impregnation of spicy flavors.Spirits have not only classical styling, but also have their unique personality.That decision returned the brand popularity on the perfume market.Since then, the House of Gucci perfume produced have deserved the status of luxury.They invariably discreet and stylish.Interest in this new collections is quite high, as new compositions do not concede anything to their predecessors.

Perfume Gucci (pink), issued in the year two thousand and three under the name "Gucci Eau de Parfum II", have the clockwork and playful flavor.They are inconspicuous and subtle accessory for his mistress, emphasizing its attractiveness.This Perfume truly magical.It is an amazing combination of mesmerizing notes of tangerine and bitter orange, blackberry and black currant, jasmine, violets and cedar.

Perfume Gucci Gilti were issued in the year two thousand and ten.They complement the overall picture of Oriental floral arrangements.They gathered in a bouquet contains oriental fragrance, perfume filling the charming and warm colors.The initial composition of the music offers aromas of pink pepper and mandarin.They are replaced by subtle shades of geraniums, lilies and peach.At the heart of viscous and warm plume notes are amber and patchouli.

aroma of each composition of the House of Gucci unique.Thus all perfumes companies consistently flawless and elegant.