Deodorant, antiperspirant - how to tell and what to choose?

With the arrival of hot summer days, the issue of protection against the smell of sweat is more than relevant.We go to a beauty department stores to select a lifesaver from the wet armpits.Which of the deodorant choose not to miscalculate?The answer depends on the individual characteristics of your body and the desired result.Let's understand the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant on what the characteristics of each of them.

First of all, it should be noted that the task of masking the pot handles both the first and second means.These formulations contain antimicrobial agents intended to combat the odor, giving the body a pleasant fragrance.As a rule, deodorants, antiperspirants have their own scents: flowers, sea freshness, fruit.This allows you to use them not only for veiling the smell of sweat, but also as a lightweight alternative to toilet water or spirits.What is the difference between them?

Deodorant hides a smell of sweat, but is not able to deal with discharges.So, t

aking advantage of them, you do not stop sweating, but only will remove the unpleasant smell.Deodorants are suitable for those who do not suffer from excessive activity of the sweat glands, but wants to smell the fresh scent of light.

those less fortunate, should opt for the second vehicle and buy deodorant-antiperspirant.Antiperspirant covers a wider range.In addition to neutralizing the odor, it also prevents a strong discharge sweat, keeping armpits dry and clothes - clean.Due to its composition contained aluminum salts restricts the flow of moisture from the sweat gland pores close and not allow it to reach the surface of the skin.However, there is a small flaw -hydrochloric aluminum can cause irritation and redness in the armpits.To the delight of those for whom the deodorant antiperspirant is an important part of daily care, the cosmetic market appeared a new generation of antiperspirants.They include no alcohol, which has successfully replaced triclosan or other highly effective antimicrobial agent.Thus bacteria do not just die, but also slows down the rate of reproduction.The skin remains dry for much longer, and does not leave a feeling of freshness person throughout the day.

as a deodorant antiperspirant and deodorant also contains a substance, soothes and softens the skin.This different vegetable oils and glycerin.And so the skin does not become fat, they include the presence of quartz, which absorbs fat.Moreover, an important element of hygiene products is water or other liquids.They provide high-quality application of funds for the skin, whether it is an aerosol, or gel deodorant roll-on antiperspirant.

Do not forget that it is important to follow the simple but mandatory rules for the use of these funds.Apply it only to clean, dry skin, preferably immediately after a shower.And antiperspirants should be applied only once a day - in the morning.The usual deodorant can be used more often.Enjoy the sun and heat, while remaining under the protection of deodorants and antiperspirants!