«Wella Koleston»: the professional painting

pick up for her hair is really a quality paint that would not spoil their structure, do not burn through, do not cause allergies and keep a long time - quite a difficult task even taking into account the diversity of the market of cosmetic products of this kind.However, almost all women, using means which will be discussed below, very happy with the result.

small briefing

So hair dye «Wella Koleston».It is equally well it fits the needs of the most daring habit of fashionistas, often flaunting popular tones and shades of different colors in their hair, as well as the needs of the ladies in the already advanced age, with a fair amount of gray hair, but do not want to tolerate the treacherous effect on the appearance of past years.Compared with other coloring agents this product from «Wella» can give them a head start on a number of parameters:

  • resistance composition natural ingredients, of which he is promoted;

  • «Wella Koleston» very successful fights gray hair, helping women to prolong the

    ir youth and beauty;

  • coloring ingredients in the composition have a therapeutic effect on the hair, give them a nice healthy glow.He successfully retained even after 3-4 hrazovoe shampooing;

  • «Wella Koleston» is considered to be a professional tool for working with hair.Because one must have almost all its palette of beauty salons, cosmetic studios and offices, in the arsenal of master stylists and barbers;

  • this paint in the process of interaction with the hair contributes to its restoration, sincesaturated lipids.The structure of each hair healthier, damaged fuse, is enriched with keratin;

  • in «Wella Koleston» pigments penetrate into the heart of the hair, envelop it, providing a solid color, intense, bright;

  • of the ink includes a special oxidizer bezammiachnoy type.Thanks to him, hair avoid overdrying, and do not look burnt through, the scalp is also no adverse effects.The degree of staining can be set as desired - it is only to choose the appropriate percentage of the oxidizer is 1 to 9. Ones for conventional tinting, nine - to color gray hair.Even so irritating odor of ammonia is practically not felt;

  • product does not cause allergic reactions, even in sensitive skin:

  • can firmly say: «Wella Koleston» in this regard - a new generation product, but the first line of paint was put on the market in the middle of the last century.Even then, the means gained immense popularity due to the combination of the ink base and special additives that protect the skin and hair.Naturally, each new line of color cream comes to the consumer, after careful examination, testing, completions;

  • have a new product line with rich colors.Firstly, it is natural shades of light tones - from golden-brown to red wheat, and from brown to black.And all the fancy transitions - from pearl to ash and from chocolate to the color "eggplant."Moreover, the company has taken care to amateurs and outrageous, extreme variants too have found their own style through their products.After all, «Wella Koleston» palette includes paint with red accents, pink, purple saturated.Thus, the tool can help you create a memorable professional image or image version for any special occasion.

What else can be said about this product?Country of origin - Germany, which already serves as a guarantor of really high quality.A company «Wella» - leader in the production of hair care, and not only for them.