Escada - spirits to favorites

history of the famous worldwide brand Escada began in 1976, when the Munich wife Leigh opened his own business.Margaret Leigh - Business, sophisticated and very strong woman.As a teenager, she worked as a fashion model and understand the needs of women.Margarita decided to start design and business in a short time she was able to create a completely new and unique style of dress.

Already in 1978, the Munich public acquainted with a new collection of clothes Escada.The name of the young company came by chance.Spouses Lei well remember the story when one day at the races, they have relied on the Irish horse Escada, which eventually won the race.All work was infinitely feminine and sophisticated, always used the highest quality fabrics, bright colors and varied textures.

In 1986, the team Escada increased by one person.She was joined by a young and creative designer Brion Rennie.The first time he was an assistant, but after the death of M. Lay, who died in 1992, became head of the department of design


first Escada perfume for women was created in 1990 under the leadership of Margaret and in 1993 saw the light of men's fragrance.These were the beginning of new smells perfume company's history, products which are still relevant and in demand.

Perfume Escada always produced in limited quantities.Perfumers companies adhere to the classical rules for the preparation of flavors.Packaging is made in parallel with the collection in a single design style.

Escada - refined and delicate fragrance.When in 1993 there was a new flavor Chiffjn Sorbet, he made a real sensation.Complex and rich, seductive and sensual scent was created for the luxurious and passionate woman.It gives confidence, subtly emphasizes the appeal and elegance of its owner.The fragrance composition appears sweet and spicy notes of hyacinth, mango, white lily, black currant, raspberry.Escada - spirits that are perfect for everyday use.

Next floral fragrance Escada - spirits Acte 2 by Ilias Ermenidisom in 1995.They were created specifically for the self-sufficient woman, confident, knows what she wants from life.It always achieves the goal.It starts refreshing fragrance notes of orange, peach, bergamot, green.At the heart of the bouquet - iris, jasmine, freesia, mimosa.Train completes the composition of warm, woody smell of vanilla, cinnamon, cedar.The fragrance Escada (spirits Acte 2) - Great for everyday use.

In 2005, there are new perfumes that are popular so far - floral fragrance Escada.It's surprisingly fresh, energetic, versatile scent that emphasizes wealth and luxury, he successfully completes the created image, it underlines the confidence and consistency of its owner.Rich and bright bouquet Escada 2005 reveals notes of leaves, buds and berries of black currant, fresh greens, nectarines, magnolia, peony, iris, ambergris, vanilla.

Perfumes by Escada - it is always modern and colorful, a charge of vivacity and good mood.This fascinating, sensual scents that are born under the influence of youth and beauty.Perfume Escada give a feeling of freshness and lightness.