Issued Nina Ricci perfumes are popular for 65 years!

Nina Ricci brand story is as ornate as some of the perfume fragrance produced by the company.Its founder - Maria Nelli - born in Italy in 1883.The family called her Nina, and she will give the name of their company in the future.Ricci surname she received from her husband, who, however, quickly left her with a young son and destitute.To survive, the future star of the fashion world working almost around the clock, and this has allowed it to become a co-owner of the house "Rafen."

Few people know that their own businesses this lady ushered in the age of fifty years during the Great Depression in 1932.Despite the crisis in the economy, fashions offered by were so successful that the collection became famous not only in America but also in Europe.The more that prices for refined dresses, suits were quite acceptable.

company Nina Ricci perfume began to offer much later.Namely, in the 40s.Since then, the fashion house has released dozens of flavors, each of which has found admirers all over the world.

It is still not removed from the production of the famous "Coeur zhue", released in 1946.This perfume is considered a classic, and has a pleasant floral aroma.Other issued by Nina Ricci perfume - "Scent of time" referred to in the product T.Harrisa "Silence of the Lambs" and produced so far in 1948.The structure of this interesting perfume includes more than 25 different flavors, which combine to create this unique composition.Brand "Fragrance of Time" by various artists reissued several times.For example, in 2013 the name of this fragrance created by perfumer Olivia Putman (also for Nina Ricci).

Spirits "Apple" - it's the only perfume, whose history is linked to the tragedy of a young and beautiful girl.The fact that a series of "red apple" model promoted from Kazakhstan with the exotic name of Ruslana Korshunova.For his great hair it was called the "Russian Rapunzel".Shortly before his 21st birthday model dropped from the window of a building in Manhattan, just returned from a fashion show in Paris.

Perfume Nina Ricci «Yabloko" red series are very popular among Russian women.Someone finds it the sweetness of the fruit, someone - the freshness of someone malic acidity.The review can be read that the perfume sweet, girlish, light and yet very durable.The time that it rests on the skin can be up to 8 hours, and some did not disappear even after bathing.

It's no secret that the Russian market is flooded with fakes.Nina Ricci perfume apple series are no exception.Therefore, it should be noted that the company released the next version of the popular flavors: red, pink and gold "Apple".Also, the company there is a very limited edition green "fruit", which is readily replicate in Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, as if it Nina Ricci.

Spirits of this brand are available for representatives of the strong half of humanity.This group includes such fragrances as an oriental perfume "Phyllis" (first released in 1984, still in production), floral-green "Ricci Club," which men have since 1989, fern-green "Signorichchi" (1965) and wood-shiprovy flavor "Memory Man" created in this century (2002).