Flora by Gucci - a magical bouquet of aromas

in 2009 was first released a new fragrance Flora by Gucci.Over its creation he worked as creative director Frida Giannini.Her cult inspired floral ornament, which was invented specifically for Gucci Queen Monaco.This pattern was present only in the first elegant scarf queen, but then when it all so fond of, it was decided to transfer these floral motifs on the other things the production of Gucci, and soon they are reflected in perfumery.Therefore, it is thanks to the silky scarf queen of Monaco, we can now enjoy the exquisite bouquet of flavors Flora Gucci.

On the creation of the bottle also worked Frida Javan.She decided not to do it too fanciful or unusual because the true ornament of a bottle - the contents.It is strictly limited to a hexagonal shape with a small black sticker that says "Flora by Gucci".The only highlight of the vial is a flirty black ribbon with gold tassels.But for flavor boxes decorated with legendary floral pattern that in some way compensates for the simplicity of the bottle.

Collection Flora by Gucci now includes 8 different flavors, but they all are based on the soft floral motifs first eau de toilette.The basis of each perfume notes include sandalwood and sweet tart patchouli.

By the summer of 2011 Gucci has decided to please fashionistas young and released a new product - the fragrance Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche, who was third in the famous series.This perfume - a hymn to youth and freshness!It has been prepared specially for the summer season and aims to create around its owner freshness of the sea breeze and citrus orchards, even when it goes on smoggy metropolis.Top notes of the fragrance reveals kumquat, sour lemon, bergamot, mandarin and sensual peony.

Gradually bouquet Flora by Gucci opens up and gives us the opportunity to feel the freshness of green grass, cool water, barely blooming rose and osmanthus.How sweet cherry on the cake, it complements the splendor of the pink pepper and immutable in this collection sandalwood and patchouli.This fragrance is better to choose the young and energetic ladies who do not sit still, and always ready to go forward and discover something new.It is ideal for use in every day and for special gala evenings.Fresh, slightly sour and magical combination of floral bouquet, Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche will be the hallmark of the romantic and sophisticated woman.

Last year, the summer of 2012, Gucci has prepared a surprise for the fashion world and has released just five fragrances for collection Flora, which were merged into a series Garden (in Russian - "Garden").Indeed, every flavor carries its possessor in the beautiful gardens, planted with mandarins, tuberose, gardenia, magnolia and violet.A clear and active girls have to taste a juicy tangerine and quiet and gentle person will certainly come to the delight of a bunch of violets.Everyone will find in this new collection of fragrances just for yourself.

A nice feature of this perfume is the fact that it keeps for a long time on the skin.It will be enough to put him in the morning, and all day long you will be surrounded by air flower trail.The entire series of Flora, however, like any other products Gucci, made only from high quality raw materials using natural essential oils.