Carolina Herrera 212 - the flavor of New York

Carolina Herrera 212 - a series of fragrances, which started to be issued in 1997.The history of the brand name.The combination of numbers is 212 dialing code of New York.Carolina Herrera fell in love with this vibrant city, inspired by its inhabitants, and therefore decided to devote New York a series of fragrances.She worked on the creation of all spirits with his daughter, who is also very fond of this hectic, but elegant metropolis.
To date in a series of 212 Carolina Herrera came nine different flavors, each of which includes male and female version.They are all very different, each is different, but they are united in New York.Some spirits resemble the freshness of the city park, the other - the New York Café, the third - the lights of nightclubs.Each

necessarily pick up scent that suits him.Draws attention to the original bottle series Carolina Herrera 212. All fragrance collection enclosed in round bottles thirty milliliters, and then inserted into an unusual tube.Small containers are very co

nvenient to take with them, because they easily fit into any woman's handbag.Bottle men's collection is designed as a broad low cylinder.It is no different with some design elements and decorations, but embodies the rigor and conciseness of male nature.
The greatest popularity of the entire collection earned fragrance Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy.He left a long time ago, in 2005, but is still relevant.To create a hand aroma perfumer Alberto Morillas.Sweet, flirty scent was released especially for the young and dynamic persons.Carolina Herrera fragrance inspired by this New York girl who, after exhausting shopping went into a cafe with my friends to share the latest news.

fragrance Top notes consist of pink pepper, bergamot and sweet mandarin.After some time, the spirits reveal notes of the heart, including a soft gardenia and refined pelargonium.And for the base flavor were taken notes of sandalwood, spicy vanilla and musk.Such intricate bouquet of scents just hard getting used to, but as the flavor varies throughout the day, he will surely like many girls.Sparkling, sexy and sweet floral fragrance Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy continues to win the hearts of not only the beautiful half of humanity, but also men who these spirits are able to turn the head.
especially for the stronger sex, a year after the release of the female version of perfume, has been created and placed on the shelves fragrance Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men.This is the style of the New York dandy who hastens the day on Wall Street, but disappears at night in the clubs where the crazy young girls.Hardest combined aromas felt notes of sandalwood and bitter orange, which create a bold and provocative style of these spirits.But as the disclosure of flavor, you can catch the sweet smell of vanilla and citrus acidity.This perfume is ideal for everyday use and for special occasions.Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men will be a great gift for an energetic young man who is not afraid to experiment and always strives to be first.