Updated classics - "Miss Dior Cherie"

V1947, the now world-famous House of Dior experienced a very important period in its history: Christian Dior introduced the public its first collection of clothes, which was revolutionary in the history of fashion - nondescript gray clothes and offered to change the master of the gorgeous outfits.

At the same time appeared the first fragrance company cautiously called "Miss Dior".He oversaw the creation of the fragrance Serge Heftler-Luis.Experts described the smell as a chypre, floral, green.The composition of the fragrance was built on the notes of galbanum, gardenia, sage, rose, jasmine neroli, lily of the valley, narcissus, iris and skin.Crystal had a bottle silhouette amphora decorated with a spectacular bow.Later, bottle shape has changed - he acquired a strict rectangular shape.

All who knew during the life of Mr. Dior, note how anxious and serious about it to create fragrances.Master always believed that the spirits - a final touch to the created image.In early 2005, it was presented the fi

rst version of the famous fragrance, which was named "Miss Dior Chere".This event was timed to the 100th anniversary of the great master.How many believe such a gift would have liked Christian Dior - The composition is a refined and sophisticated.

Flanker - a version of the original fragrance.To attract buyers, manufacturers of perfumes are a small trick: change the name and design of flakona.Eto done with the expectation that the most familiar name will attract the attention of buyers, rather than an unknown novelty.

In 2011, admirers of the Dior House received a new gift - an updated version of "Miss Dior Cherie".Eau de parfum is a fruity-floral chypre fragrances, gradually revealed on the skin.Fresh and vibrant fruity notes slowly mixed with delicate floral notes, and later appear noble notes of patchouli.Flex fragrance - sensual and warm musk.The aroma is very bright and passionate, therefore, is aimed at young, full of energy the girls.

Actress Natalie Portman has agreed to become the face of the advertising campaign a new song "Miss Dior Cherie".Conclude an agreement on advertising with the star was quite difficult: Natalie - it recognizes intellectual and very legible throughout, including in advertising.She has carefully studied the history of the brand Dior.Making sure that the company's reputation is impeccable, she agreed to shoot.

Work on the new composition commercials "Miss Dior Cherie" the beginning of the famous film director Sofia Coppola, that the audience knows the art of feature films.Sofia knows the perfume "Miss Dior Cherie" - she rented a movie version of 2005, which was attended by Russian model.

Natalie Portman in a new video has become the epitome of "Dior Miss Cherie": flawless skin, long, well-groomed hair, playful smile and flirty look - she is seductive, sexy and ... simply gorgeous!

Refined and fine French perfume "Miss Dior Cherie" - an updated Classics.Great flavor, created under the leadership of the incomparable John Galliano, pleasantly complements the image of a self-confident woman.Sleek and lightweight, playful and daring - the smell conquered the hearts of millions of women around the world!