Dolce Gabbana Light Blue - the flavor of the Mediterranean summer

fashion house D & amp; G can be called rather conservative in the production of perfumes.It is not often pleases us novelties or replacements of existing collections, but each released a fragrance becomes a masterpiece.So it was with toilet water Dolce Gabbana Light Blue.It first appeared over a decade ago, in 2001, but in spite of such a long time, is still very popular and relevant in every season.

On the creation of this masterpiece of the perfumer Olivier Cresp worked.It is said that one summer he was resting with his family in Sicily, and so struck the island, its nature, its charming atmosphere that Oliver will certainly want to share their feelings with the world and put them in the fragrance Dolce Gabbana L

ight Blue.And its name to "Dark Blue" perfume obliged azure sky and the blue sea of ​​the Italian island.The design of the bottle worked best masters of the fashion house, and they were able to combine it white beach sand, waves and curls sea deep blue clear sky.

Fragrance Dolce Gabbana Light Blue is designed specifically for recreation on the coast, for exploring by boat or sunbathing on the French Riviera.This fragrance contains all the glamor and pathos inherent in the brand D & amp; G.But they are so cleverly hidden behind the freshness of a light breeze that absolutely every girl can feel free to feel this perfume goddess of the Mediterranean.

based Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue went to notes of Sicilian lemon, gentle bells, juicy green apple and white cedar.Revealing perfume give us a combination of wild rose and jasmine with fresh seawater.A daisy chain of flavor components are divided into amber, spicy musk and bamboo.

This eau de toilette is ideal for everyday use, but for the evening, she will not be the best option as it is too fresh.On special celebrations to choose the best spirits "stronger", with a more pronounced bouquet of flavors.

Six years later, in 2007, it was released on toilet water Dolce Gabbana Light Blue for men.One can only imagine how much force it took perfumers and designers to create a fragrance that would be consistent with unmatched female version if all it took six years!And these spirits immediately became a benchmark in the perfume industry.The following year, they were awarded the highest award FiFi Award Fragrance in the category of high-end men's fragrance.

As the original fragrance, this eau de toilette is devoted to the Mediterranean summer.It is ideal for a man-sailor, but not harsh sea wolf, and confident captain of a luxury yacht.Top notes of the fragrance include Sicilian mandarin, grapefruit, juniper and bergamot.Heart notes combined rosemary, allspice, and rosewood.A soft loop felt musk, incense and oak moss.

Like all perfumes Dolce, this eau de toilette extremely resistant because made of high quality raw material with the addition of natural essential oils and drops of sea water.And, unlike the female version, it will be important not only during the day but in the evening social events.Noble and fresh fragrance Light Blue Dolce Gabbana worthy only of the man who is completely confident and able to conquer the hearts of women!