Garnier BB cream - The Secret of My Perfection!

Once in a glossy magazine I found a sampler Garnier BB cream "The secret of perfection."Frankly, the description of the product I am extremely interested.After 6 advertisement promised action at the same time.In addition to the smooth tones of the face, the cream should moisturize my skin to hide imperfections, to smooth wrinkles, to give shine and protect against UV rays.Prior to that, he never faced a similar means of others, so this product was a discovery for me.
next morning the cream was tested by me.Frankly, the first use I in love with him.The skin looked just fine.There was no effect of the mask, as happens to many tones of creams, because Garnier BB cream is very light texture and it fits well to the skin.The tone of the face was quite smooth, and small defects present on the skin, become less visible.The problem was solved by selecting the cream!You do not have to wrestle with some of the products selected.What you need - hide flaws, make even tone, moisturize and protect the skin from the n

egative effects of sunlight?All these problems are solved by a single product - Garnier BB cream.Reviews on the Internet were filled with variety, but most opinion about the product was good.And I, without hesitation, agreed to buy the cream.
purchased at your local retailer Garnier BB cream, I put means a place of honor on the shelf with cosmetics.I enjoyed it every day.And I noticed that a person was to look better even without the cream.But one "but" - I have oily skin, and after applying the cream on your face almost immediately appeared shine.That made me very upset, because I thought I had found a tool that is perfect looking and I came.A little later there was advertising this cream, but she talked about one innovation - a product specially designed for combination and oily skin.In this case, the creators have added, in addition to all the above functions, frosting, but the wrinkles in this cream was gone.I decided to try the tool for combination and oily skin BB cream Garnier.Reviews from other users and matched my personal - I am very happy!This is the cream that I was looking for.In addition to giving a beautiful tone, he cares for the skin and for long matiruet it.Glitter ceased to appear on the face - the cream really work and cope with their tasks.The structure it's a little different from normal skin cream - it is more liquid and easy.Good lies, evenly distributed, does not create the effect of the mask on the face, perfectly disguises flaws, moisturizes, does not clog pores, it lasts a long time and very well mattes.Overall, a very nice cream.Its use always gives me pleasure.

As for color, I use light (light).It is well suited to my skin tone is universal.For dark or tanned girls more suitable second option, a little darker.Now
Garnier BB cream - my favorite cream.I use it every morning, and still has not found anything better.However, this is not necessary - it I was completely satisfied.Quality on top!Also pleased with acceptable price and availability - is quite common on the shelves.The cream helps me look better and cares for the skin, which can not but rejoice!Garnier Thanks for a great product!