The best hairstyle Rihanna

daily on the streets, we meet people with a wide range of looks.Some are experimenting with hair color, hairstyle, and others - with a choice of clothes and other everyday.But, as a rule, all the fancy stuff, society adopts the mannerisms of the stars of world scale.For example, a young singer trying to express themselves and show their individuality, and their fans are like sponges, absorbing images.Hairstyle Rihanna, for example, has become one of the most popular hairstyles of 2012.In general, the singer throughout his career dramatically changed the image, and they were a great success.She certainly can not live a quiet life and constantly amazes audiences with something new.

Hairstyle Rihanna with each year becomes more and causing a short.Some fans even identified the seven most successful experiments with the hair of the singer.The very first call to the world was the case when she dyed gray, yet it is called "ice".After that the star wanted to shave the head, and the other left as it was.Thu

s the roots of the hair was dark, and the length - painted "on a blonde."Experts believe that hairstyle Rihanna needs attention from the stylists: as the regrowth were unkempt, hair tips - posechennymi and curls - disheveled.

In 2011, the singer went to the step that no one expected from her: she chose the brightest shade of red and repainted it their gorgeous hair.And for a long period barber girl creating her curls in a retro style.I do not see the star was simply impossible.In principle, everyone to see, looked like hairstyle Rihanna photos can be found on the pages of magazines in 2011.At that time, the star hit the public and, many say, it was a hell of a mysterious image of the indomitable woman.Some time after that, the singer made her bangs and dyed blonde.Throw It whiskey left to bang white black strand and again challenged the whole world.Next boyish hairstyle Rihanna many fans disappointed.Singer repainted in Smolny-black asymmetrical bangs did.At 25, she looked like a cocky kid.

Thus, the star changed the way listen to the reaction of the audience and eventually decided to return to her natural hair color.Hairstyle Rihanna in 2013 is trimmed short wavy black hair.The girl is very much like the present, today most often dressed in a classic, simple and looks amazing on all activities: no longer a little girl, but as a mature and beautiful woman.Yet used to the way it manages a few, all the fans are 99% sure that in a few months will change the image of Rihanna on something explosive, and everything will fall into place.

when the singer was young and not spoiled by popularity, she had gorgeous long black hair fell in curls beautifully on her shoulders.Nowadays she prefers to have for a long time to go with short hair.But is it possible to accuse the singer that she strives for excellence?