Bag-shopper - comfortable, stylish, beautiful

For several years in the fashion versatile bag shopper.Today, it is still relevant.Spacious, comfortable and very practical bags that have been created for walking shopping, liked the lovely ladies.Today, they have been used as an everyday accessory as well as for short trips.

old model in the new version

can say that the bag shopper - a sanitized sister shopping bags.Now it looks stylish, with a capacity of no less purchases than its predecessor.They can be worn on the shoulder or in the hands.Different variety of forms, however, are more often rectangular or trapezoidal.

What is a shopper?

It is fairly lengthy accessory equipped with comfortable handles wide, with large pockets, often with an open top.This is a great alternative to the usual for us a plastic bag.As a rule, shopper bag made of natural materials - cotton, suede and leather.But sometimes use, and synthetic fabrics - combined or polyester.

Colours can be very diverse - bright and colorful or monochromatic.Often they are decorated

with appliques.Especially popular with floral patterns and sea-themed or geometric prints.

This bag could pick out every woman.The store offers a low-cost model, and luxury items.Shopper bag should be in harmony with the clothes the woman, her overall style.If you do not know what to choose, pay attention to fashion this year in the style of the product casual.

models for all occasions

suitable for everyday use a rectangular model with a long strap that can be worn on the shoulder.Its size may be different - it will be selected on the basis of your needs.I must say that the bag is not very large looks at a woman better.This option is very suitable female students.

For business office ladies suit shoppers.They are smaller and well combined not only with a business suit, but also fashionable dresses.These requirements are consistent with models of Holder handbag.

For active and athletic women who move around a lot, you should choose a sports shopper.These models offer Next, Puma and other manufacturers of sports goods and accessories.

shopper bag "Zara" has already appreciated by our compatriots.For example, brown leather model will go perfectly with dzhinsami- "Varenko" or the classic dark blue models.Such addition is not necessary to wear black shoes, as experts say it is not the best combination.

A variety of original models, and the company today offers Zara.Shopper bag made of genuine leather with gold chains, will look spectacular with a leather jacket and tight pants.Petite girls should know that they are not very suitable volume models.

There are people who do not like the leopard.These are not the designers of "Zara", so they offer the shopper with the print.This model will emphasize your individuality and sense of style.