Mosquito netting on the magnet: advantages and features of use

mosquito net on a magnet - it is a new protective invention.Now it is gaining popularity as it has many advantages.First of all, it should be noted that the product is lightweight and easy to use.Attach it is possible and at the window and door, these elements can be made of wood.


Thanks to the new production technology mosquito net on the magnet is able to catch and pass the room not only insects and poplar fluff, but dust.This fresh air can flow freely through the cell.It manufactures products made of artificial material, which poses no threat to human health.It is completely safe, even for children.A special feature of this product is that you can easily open and close the window (door).To do this, the grid will not have to shoot.

mosquito net on the magnet, if it is fixed to the door quickly and tightly closed after passing through the opening.Therefore, you do not have to shoot her.However, it is always under tension.The grid can be a single (on the window) and double (at the door).

To wrap the bottom of the product, attached to his small weights.

Because the mosquito net on the magnet is fine, you can ventilate the room by opening all windows and doors.This feature is particularly important in areas where the summers are very hot.The fact that in this case is often necessary to ventilate the room at night, and due to the representation of the product will not fall in house mosquitoes.Thus, you do not disturb the natural circulation of air.

Door mosquito net on the magnets has a standard size (210h90 cm), although you can order the product by using other measurements.Fastens it can also on double-sided tape.Due to its light weight mesh easily held in the doorway.Through this secure the protective curtain can withstand quite a strong gust of wind.Between the product and opening no audio slits through which insects could enter the house.


additional advantage provided by the grid is that it is very easy to install, so you can carry out the procedure themselves.It is enough to secure the magnets (adhesive tape, buttons) on opening windows and doors.Try to do it as accurately and correctly.In principle, can help with the installation instructions that came with the product.Of course, this procedure should be carried out carefully to avoid tearing the canvas, although it is strong enough to serve a long time.

If you want to be reliably protected mosquito net on magnets, user reviews and specifications to help you in choosing.The only thing you need to decide - is with its size.Naturally, we can not forget about the quality of the product.You can also choose different color grid, although this option is taken into account in the last turn.