Modern educational technologies and techniques in preschool: a summary

What modern educational technologies and techniques in preschool?What are they for?First of all, each technology is aimed at implementing educational state standards in preschool education.

little theory

What does the word "technology"?Explanatory Dictionary says that a set of methods and techniques that apply in any skill, practice, art.A pedagogical technology at BTLikhachev - a combination of psychological and educational facilities that define the set and layout of the various methods, forms, methods and ways of learning, including educational resources, that is a directly pedprotsessa methodological tools.At this point, release a variety of technologies.We will look at the most popular ways in which distributed educational technology in preschool.They have been recognized as the teachers and parents.

Modern educational technologies and techniques in preschool

These include the following:

1. School health.The goal - to provide the kid all the possibilities for maintaining health, and to

form him the necessary knowledge, skills for healthy lifestyles.

2. Technology research.

3. Person-oriented technology.

4. Technology "TRIZ" TSAltshuller (transcript: Theory of Inventive Problem Solving).

5. Method of teaching reading of cubes NAZaitsev.

6. Technology of design activity.The goal - to develop and enrich the social and the personal experiences of children through their inclusion in the scope of interpersonal interaction.

7. Pedagogical technology Montessori.

also highlights many other modern educational technologies and techniques in preschool.

little about TRIZ

Initially, this technology was developed by TSAltshuller for the university radio.But as it turned out, some of the elements of this technique can be successfully used in preschool.It is known that modern educational methods in pre-school focused on the development of logic, imagination and ingenuity.TRIZ combines all the necessary elements.Technology creativity, as it is called, aims to manage the unconscious processes in the development of creativity and logic preschoolers.In fact, many well-known technique of drawing "Monotype" also has its roots in TRIZ.There are a lot of techniques that are successfully used by teachers in the classroom: devyatiekranka, brainstorming techniques (LNM), the method of "telescope" and so on.

If we consider the modern educational technologies and techniques in preschool, it is safe to say that TRIZ is one of the most efficient and diverse in its fullness.Use it in their work is not difficult, besides the technology always gives positive results, because all the elements and techniques are the game, which means that the education of children in the process of talking leading activity.