What technologies will be in preschool?

health issues in the kindergarten should devote sufficient time.It is known that many children attending preschool, have certain health problems.This may be a poor vision, and scoliosis and flat feet, not to mention the more serious deviations.Therefore educators so important to consider that there are special technologies will in the Dow, which just aimed at strengthening and maintaining the health of the child.

Types of health-technology in kindergarten

According to the current planning are the following technologies will be in preschool:

  1. allows you to save and promote health.This group includes: ritmoplastika, stretching, outdoor games, walks, relaxation, finger, respiratory, bracing, orthopedic gymnastics, exercises for eyes.
  2. Educational healthy lifestyle, physical education classes, igroterapiya, igrotrening, communicative games, discussions on the topic of "Health".
  3. correcting technology: skazkoterapiya, art therapy, music technology, and exposure to the impact of color, psihogimnastiki
    , speech therapy rhythm.

educator should organize educational and learning process that technologies will in preschool harmoniously woven into the lesson plan.One of the productive technologies include Dynamic mode Pos.

sat down, stood up!

technology of dynamic postures involves frequent (every 10-13 minutes) shift key children.Basically alternate posture "sitting" and "standing", but you can add the position of "lying" (using pads).It is proved that with the free standing children get rid of stress, the load is evenly distributed on both feet (need to ensure that the child does not "fall" on one leg), the forearm and the angles of the blades are symmetrical.If you do not know what technologies will in preschool choose for your group, start with the regime of dynamic poses.Alternation is a beneficial effect on the central nervous system of the child, its performance will improve.


visual gymnastics - one of the most important in a kindergarten, so at least five minutes of exercise for the eyes should be included in each physical attack.occupation.School health technology in preschool visual exercises involve using oftalmotrenazherov.These classes help to improve vision, they are interesting and exciting for children.Oftalmotrenazher can plot, graphical, modular, they are executed in the form of posters.Plans are placed just above the eye level of children.The essence of the exercise is to trace the various lines of eyes: horizontal, vertical, spiral, and so on. D. Invite the children to "walk" along the line, and then - "run."You can use the plot of the game, such as "Let's find a way in the forest" or "Let's go for a visit on the track!".Head during exercise must be stationary.

finger gymnastics

educational technologies will in preschool - is not only exercise, but also a specific binding material.You can use the following exercises:

  1. «dry rain".Mentor hanging multicolored satin ribbons, the job of the child - to attach to the belt of a certain color clothespin of the same shade.Fixed knowledge about flowers and trains fine motor skills of hands.
  2. «Football."Palchikov drive and catch a small ball.It can be made of cardboard to make the players and put them on the fingers and feet.
  3. «Funny nodules."You will need a rope on which children will tie 12 knots.On each node kids should call months of the year in order.

use these technologies, replenish your list - and the kids in your group will be healthy and strong.