Pregnancy with twins by week

in any woman's life is crucial pregnancy.It is impossible to fully describe the feelings of a woman who discovers that she is pregnant with twins.Perhaps someone thinks that it must necessarily enjoy this event.However, most of the parents of twins or twins feel fear, confusion and discouragement.Such feelings in any case should not be afraid or ashamed.Such a reaction is normal for any human being.After all, the parents of two young children rests with dual responsibility for the health and life of crumbs.Pretty soon you get used to the idea and accept this fact.After that, people tend to feel more committed, positive emotions.

pregnant with twins by week always has its own characteristics.This differs from the usual so it is.Next article will be described in a multiple pregnancy, the causes of this phenomenon, especially the development of children in a similar situation.The more information about pregnancy with twins will be the parents, the easier the expectant mother will endure their situation.

To get started is to tell what is a multiple pregnancy.Most people at least once in my life heard of the birth of twins or fraternal twins.How do they differ from each other?Everyone knows that fertilization occurs only after the egg is fertilized by sperm.So, some women ripen simultaneously two, or even three, of the egg.They also can be simultaneously fertilized by sperm.In addition, each egg is fertilized by one of them.These fertilized eggs are completely different genetic code.In this situation, the twins are born.They may differ from each other eye color, height and build.Sex in this case may be the same or different.Such experts called dizygotic pregnancy.

second case.Fertilize was only one mature egg.In this case, only one to be born child.But sometimes a woman's body takes a certain failure.As a result the egg just simply divided into two identical halves.They still continue to develop normally.Since sperm to fertilize one egg, there was only one, the genetic code is exactly the same kids.Thus, parents have twins.They may not be of different sexes.Toddlers often suffer from the same diseases in their same places moles and so on.Such a pregnancy is considered to be monozygotic.Easy to recognize skilled di monozygotic and children.

pregnant with twins by week.

In the first eight weeks of gestation, each embryo has a length of two to three centimeters.The weight of each fruit a little less than five grams.In these weeks the kidneys, brain, urethra, arms and legs begin to develop.When embryos for six weeks, they can already be seen on ultrasound examination.

the eighth to twelfth week and the usual symptoms of multiple pregnancy are very similar.However, the mother may feel it's much stronger.A pregnant woman often suffers at this stage of toxicity, increased fatigue, pain in the breast.

Starting from the twelfth week of children develop even faster.They finally came to the stage of the fetus when the mother begin to call their kids.The kidneys of children in this period begin to function well.In addition, the water in the stomach or the urine in the bladder every kid at the sixteenth week of development can already be found on ultrasound examination.

is worth noting that by the end of the sixteenth week, often parents learn about the field of their future children.Identify it can be directly on the ultrasound.If the kids have turned not very good, do it at this stage it will not succeed.

decisive for the kids become the twenty-fourth - twenty-eighth week of pregnancy.It was this month is considered important for twins or twins, as they are on the verge of its viability.Even if my mother suddenly begin preterm labor, doctors will be able to save and to leave these kids.At this stage in the light of each fruit are formed alveolar ducts and alveoli.Now through the thinnest wall of the alveoli is exchanged, so-called carbon dioxide and oxygen.During the twenty-fourth of twenty-eight weeks of weight babies grow at least twice.Now they weigh between eight hundred to one thousand grams.The length of each fetus is thirty-five centimeters.Under the skin accumulates fat kids, they fused eyelids, and her hair, and then continue to grow.Besides all this, every kid is sleeping at certain times of the day.

third trimester begins with the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy.This is the final stage.Kids already opening their eyelids, clapping with the cilia.Skin is more smoothed, as toddlers scored enough fat.Children can hiccup and suck fingers on hands and feet.

development of multiple pregnancy is similar to normal.However, as mentioned above, significant changes occur in the first case, when it is 28 weeks pregnant with twins.At this time, the kids can exist without a mother with the help of special equipment.

36 weeks of pregnancy.Twins at this stage is ready for the birth.In this period it is likely premature birth, as the baby is no longer enough space in the abdomen expectant mother.Therefore, pregnant women are often in a situation prescribed caesarean section.

pregnant with twins for weeks discussed in some forums on the Internet.On such sites the pregnant woman can learn a lot of useful information.Moms who have already given birth to two babies, identical or fraternal twins, have something to advise.However, pregnant with twins for weeks requires medical supervision.It is not necessary to self-medicate, if you have any health problems in a similar situation.Pregnancy with twins - this is more a complicated pregnancy that requires monitoring by a specialist.