Nazivin during pregnancy

Nazivin a vasoconstrictor drug.It reduces swelling of the nose and upper respiratory tract.Nazivin applies in cases where the nose is almost not breathing.A huge number of people use this drug, as other medications are often not helpful in this situation.However, taking Nazivin can not always and not for everyone.

According to the instructions, take Nazivin during pregnancy can be used only if the benefit to the mother is much greater than the risk to the infant or fetus.It is therefore necessary to begin to carefully assess such a relation.Doctors do not recommend taking Nazivin during pregnancy and during lactation.In addition, experts often tell a lot of horror stories about what impact this drug has on the child, in paints describe injuries that are expecting a child if a pregnant woman apply these droplets.

Nazivin dangerous because it contains oxymetazoline.There is an opinion that the danger is just the expectant mother, because her body may be in a special way to respond to this drug.Are th

ere drops for pregnant women, who are an alternative Nazivin?Recommendations to this effect set.For example, there are permitted and more sparing drops that mom can advise her gynecologist.Most often it is Pinosol or ointment called Eva-Menol.

Excellent helps with a cold sea water lapped, which is sold in pharmacies.This so-called Aqua Maris.From this drug a woman does not receive any harm, he was just very good nose washes.Pharmacies are also available Protargol.His, by the way, are often prescribed small children, suffering from a cold.It is important to remember that Protargol has its healing properties are not more than a month.Further, upon expiration of two weeks its effectiveness is reduced by eighty percent.That is why the drug should be purchased only in the fresh form.If the woman does not suffer from any allergies, it can try essential oils.For example, you can breathe peach or eucalyptus oil.

If none of these funds does not help, it is better to buy Nazivin.Pregnant women should be sure to breathe well, because it affects the development of her baby.Of course, experts say otherwise.However, suffer from rhinitis for over nine months is dangerous to health and mother and child.Nazivin during pregnancy should not be taken more than once or twice a day.Women should limit the use of this drug.You can use these drops at night, when the nose of the worst blows since it prevents a woman to sleep and rest.Also, preferably children Nazivin pregnancy.He was appointed to the kiddies year.Children Nazivin more sparing.No way a woman should not exceed the dosage specified in the instructions to the drug.

In any case, the expectant mother should think carefully before you start taking this drug.Our grandmothers used folk remedies, which eliminates the problem of a cold and had no effect on the child.These funds did not cause the attachment.As Nazivin, many people argue that the drug causes a very strong attachment.As a result of prolonged use of a person simply can not normally breathe through the nose, if not will drop a few drops of Nazivin.Caution in this matter will not be superfluous.

Stuffy nose - it's really a problem for pregnant women.She gets nervous, very tired.Runny nose interferes with normal breathing.If you experience symptoms of his woman should always consult your gynecologist.Only he is able to assign a good and safe drug.