How to choose a men's bouquet

In the old beautiful ladies and brave knights, telling each other about their feelings with flowers.It is derived from the ladies a bouquet told the man that feels for his fiancee.Strict irises passed admired beauties courage and bravery of her cavalier, cute daisy promised him loyalty and regal rose was a sign that love is mutual.

been a long time since then, and has ceased to be a bunch of men as "eloquent".It turned into the attribute of official commemorations or sign admiration favorite artist.And only now bouquet returns to the lost ground, becoming a welcome gift for a strong half of mankind.

What distinguishes the male from the female a bouquet of flowers

Flower Arrangement for a man subject to certain canons.Thus, the male flower, generally has a vertical orientation.Colors are chosen for him on long stalks.However, you can use a rounded shape of the bouquet, but a prerequisite for such a design will be flowers of one type.Bouquet must be neat, without the "frills" concise.

excellent gift for men today have become figures of flowers.They can portray anything, depending on the preferences bestow, and certainly give him much joy.

Colours male bouquet should be saturated, bright.Pastel, subtle shades - it is a privilege ladies.Especially good in a bouquet of blue, red, yellow, purple and white flowers.It can be gerbera, calla lilies, hyacinths, orchids, delphiniums, which complements the green, in the form of wide or strict lacquered leaves.Artificial packaging for this bouquet is desirable to avoid using only living material.

Generally, in order to make a bouquet for men, chosen usually unusual and exotic flowers.The main thing in this case, the composition itself to match the character of the one who made a gift or an approach to a situation presenting the bouquet.

How to choose a bouquet, depending on the nature of man

Male bouquet like no other gift must be to determine the nature of man and his status.

So powerful, strong-willed man suit red amaryllis.In general, red - the color of leadership, recognition, and even, if you wish, worship.

vigorous man who does not hide his emotions, give bouquets of bright saturated colors, but a calm and restrained more appropriate stringent shades.

young men delight exotic flowers.Those who do not lose a sense of humor, can be offered as a gift cheerful sunflowers.Orange and yellow colors will suit many men.It is the color of success, joy of life, celebration.

his superior present your so-called linear bouquets of white-green or burgundy.A colleague can give less formal men's bouquet.

Men, despite their practicality, like perfect.Otherwise, how could they appreciate the better half of humanity?Do not be afraid to give flowers to men.You give him this gift of a lot of fun!