Funny Christmas fun

New Year - a holiday that kids are looking forward to worldwide.What's there to talk about the children waiting for him everything.Of course, there are exceptions.For example, people who work shift falls exactly on New Year's, or those who have not picked a good place and the company these days.What a score?Are you one of those who managed to get into the noisy crowd, where you can have some fun?Then you will be interested to learn about a fun New Year's fun to cheer up and will remain in memory for a long time.

Consider a few amusing incidents, using which you can easily play your friends, relatives, and just random people.

most popular and easiest hoax is certainly a text message.Leave it there is no trouble.This is best done with the "left" room who does not know "the victim of drawing."Write something that closely concerns the played man.To help you, there are paid services.Very funny turns, for example, a call from the traffic police.You enter all the vehicle parameters: number, color, and the p

lace where he parked.Your friend calls and tells people that the car was stolen or he fine-parked.Of course, a little harsh, but how happy motorist will learn that this is just a joke!

These services can be found in payment terminals.Nothing complicated.And the coolest trick - to make a call from the recruiting office.The call lasts until December 31.But be careful: many people's nerves are not always in order, or a weak heart.

Christmas jokes and jokes on any party - this is something traditional.If you are the organizer of the festival, or landlord, you can pour some bottles of alcohol usual soda to guests perplexed;putting coins into a snack and so on.

If you are a guest, you can each of those present to tell a story, and each one and the same, but in different ways.For example, if you have a visible scar, then tell one that got it when the dog ran away, and others - that have fallen off the bike.

Christmas fun often perpetrated on those who have fallen asleep before anyone else.Over such people "bullied" so that people usually do not sleep.If this is the guy that can make him a wax strip to the leg and pull out hair.It brings a lot of emotions, not only the victim, but also to everyone else.Can he paint or markers to make him a makeover.Still it is possible to strip his clothes and hide.It does not rule out the possibility to move it along with the bed in the other room or apartment.

But the most successful Christmas fun turn in the morning.Hide all the alcohol, laid up for the next days, and then all the "obaldeyut" what
happened, and how much they drank.Put all the alarm clocks in the phone, turn all the clocks in the house, change the SIM card places and so on.

general, fun New Year - cool and diverse thing.Everything is limited only by your imagination, but if you have this problem not, as they say, it would wish.Activate your friends, but do not go too far.Throwing firecrackers in the food just not worth it - very few people will appreciate it.Remember, in every joke there is some joke, and everything else - the emotions and consequences.Not all the neighbors love and understand children and their noisy New Year's fun, and police outfit you absolutely nowhere.Agree: to spend a holiday in the department will not be the best idea.

Good luck New Year and merry jokes!