Bezammiachnoy paint - a universal solution

modern woman tries to always look perfect.A lot of time it pays and hair care.Coloring your hair, each representative of the fairer sex wants, that they not only had a deep color and be beautiful, but stay healthy.

most sparing means is bezammiachnoy paint.It will help to give your hair the desired color or shade, but they do not harm the strong strike.Instead of ammonia, it contains substances that envelop the hair and do not give a coloring pigment washed away too quickly.Thanks to them, locks are shiny.

bezammiachnoy paint in their composition, as a rule, contains a complex of vitamins and plant extracts that protect hair from external influence and retain moisture.They have a positive effect on the scalp, normalizing its general condition.The paint is an excellent reducing agent.

bezammiachnoy hair color palette is usually very diverse, allowing no harm to experiment with the shades.If the result does not live up to expectations, should not get upset - fast enough curls come to its former stat


most popular bezammiachnoy paint uses of those women who have damaged hair and very often change their color.She is also an excellent option for those who simply want to change your natural color, making it more intense.

If you use the same color, it will eventually need only paint the regrowth of hair.

However, in addition to all the advantages, it is necessary to allocate some disadvantages such paint.

One of the biggest drawbacks - it is a complete lack of coloring gray hair.To achieve the desired result with the help of bezammiachnoy paint only in the beauty salon with special fixing means.

For lovers of sharp change of the image of such a remedy will not work well, because it can change the color only on the 2-3 pitch, and wash off pretty quickly.

bezammiachnoy quality paint are usually much more expensive than usual.When using cheaper options result may disappoint you.

One of the best is considered bezammiachnoy hair dye "L'Oreal".She is a professional and has many shades.Expected result always occurs, the tool is very popular among women.

color the hair may be in the home, but it is best to seek the services of a wizard that will make everything right.Immediately before the procedure head is better not to wash, so the color will be better able to gain a foothold.However, in this case, the hair should be means intended for stacking.Hue better fall on dry hair and distribute bezammiachnoy paint must be from the roots to the tips.Half an hour later tresses washed thoroughly with water.

Such funds should be set in a special balm, which is applied after dyeing.It contains nutrients, greatly reducing the negative effect of the dye.After its application hair will be soft, silky and shiny.