Means "Skinoren" (gel) in the fight against acne

In adolescence, often appear on the skin acne.In medical terminology, this is called "acne" or "acne."During this period the young organism is actively formed.Many teens sebaceous glands are sensitive to sex hormones, so enhances the formation of sebum in the pores.

If you do not regularly clean the pores on the surface of the skin bacteria multiply, which are the source of inflammation, causing acne.

Eruptions occur in different ways: in some they can be counted on the fingers, and at others they cover vast areas.Acne spoil the appearance and, of course, want to get rid of them.In the course in the first place are the fingers: it seems that if you squeeze pimples, they will disappear.However, after extrusion they not only lost, but also to provoke the emergence of new, and leave unsightly stains and scars.How to defeat the illness?The solution to this problem is!

Clean morning and evening person means to teenage skin, which contain herbal extracts and salicylic acid.By caring means you need to ad

d one of the most popular drugs for acne "Skinoren" (gel).It is the German drug developed chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer (Bayer).It is necessary to take a course of treatment with this agent.

It consists of one active ingredient - is azelaic acid.Its function - to suppress the vital activity of pathogenic bacteria, reduce inflammation.Means "Skinoren" (gel) does not allow to form the stratum corneum of the skin surface, which closes the pores, as well as contributes to the normalization of the sebaceous glands.

small amount of gel is applied morning and evening after cleansing the face.The number of lesions is reduced, it reduces redness.Achieving effect occurs when 2-4 weeks of use the "Skinoren" (gel).Guide states that there may be skin irritation.In this case, reduce the frequency of use or reduce the amount of drug applied.If irritation persists, the treatment should be discontinued.

In most cases, there is improvement of the skin.Duration of the course depends on the severity of the disease.Use the drug "Skinoren" (gel) is recommended from a few months to a year.Contraindicated drug for those who have the composition of funds can cause sensitivity.Side effects are itching and burning, and pain may occur at the site to which the drug was applied.

Where is it possible to get, and how much is "Skinoren" (gel)?Buy drug can be in the pharmacy, its price varies from 500 to 900 rubles depending on the region.Reviews of such treatment of acne and skin-normalizing lipid balance of the positive.Produced by Bayer, along with other facilities for the treatment of acne, it is very popular.To say unequivocally that the drug "Skinoren" (gel) will suit you, it is difficult, because all individually: one, he will at once, and the other on the face of irritation.The main thing - do not forget about the hygiene of the skin and do not abuse harmful, but tasty food, and do not try to squeeze pimples.Importantly, treatment of acne exist, and it is readily available.