Foot cream.

Hot days have come, it is time to shake off the uncomfortable closed shoes in which the legs are literally "suffocating" and put on your favorite sandals or flip-flops.And how long have you drawn his attention to the condition of heels, and feet in general?After all, before they were hidden from prying eyes, and you taking advantage of this fact did not pay enough attention to the legs.Ashamed?That's right!The situation is unpleasant, but reparable.Armed with a few tips, you can easily and quickly lead the state of their precious heels and feet in order.

Foot Cream - the basis for effective care

Choose a cream intended for the care of your feet, you need to carefully.Be sure to pay attention to the composition of the product.It should contain the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

well proven foot cream with clay, essential oils, almond and rosemary, tea tree and eucalyptus.Dead Sea minerals, sea salt, algae extracts restore moisture balance in the skin, stimulates regeneration processes.Cream with

lavender oil soothes the skin, making it soft and supple.

How to properly care for the feet and heels

All the rituals is best done just before bedtime.The first thing you need good legs to steam by putting them in a basin of hot water (with a maximum temperature, which is only capable of withstanding).In the water, it is desirable to add a couple drops of essential oil or a small amount of sea salt.

After a few minutes, get rid of keratinized particles on the feet with pumice.You can optionally use special scrubs that cleanse the skin of dead cells.After a bath wipe his feet dry.Take a foot cream and liberally apply it to the soles and heels.Get massaged his complete absorption into the skin.After all the procedures, you will immediately notice a positive result.Feet will be well-groomed, and the skin - smooth and velvety.

moisturizing foot cream - extra care

hot weather - a real stress to your feet.In summer, the skin in this area needs additional care.Foot Cream, moisturizing the skin, makes up for the lack of water, to save it from drying out and microtrauma, which it provokes.Lubricate caring means your feet and heels in the morning and evening to keep them beautiful and healthy.

How to make your feet ideal

There an old but very effective way to make your feet perfect and incredibly attractive.

Before going to bed, apply a nourishing cream for feet (preferably oily texture), to his feet and put socks made of cotton.In this form, go to bed.

Until the morning your feet will change beyond recognition.Skin upgraded to become soft, acquire healthy.

Do not forget about the professional care.Every 2 weeks indulge itself going to the salon pedicure on where experts carefully and lovingly look after your feet and nails.If you wish, you can put the original drawing on the past that will make your fingers more beautiful and neat.