Hand cream: how to choose and prepare

Women carefully caring for a person to forget that no less concern should be given to their hands.They have virtually no sebaceous glands, which would be able to protect against the negative effects of the environment.That is why you need to use special creams, able to satisfy your hands beneficial vitamins and micronutrients, protect from frost and sunlight contribute to the fight against a variety of skin problems.But how to choose a hand cream, so it was really helpful?Try to understand.

So, first of all need to learn the main rule: to buy the cream only in a cosmetic store or pharmacy, and in any case do not do it on the market.So you protect yourself from poor-quality product that can often not only do not help, but even hurt.

Then you need to understand what it is you need a hand cream.There are several varieties of it:

  1. Moisturizers (saturate skin with moisture, fight dryness).
  2. Mitigation (struggling with peeling and dryness).
  3. Protective (protects against environmental influences).
  4. Decongestants (eliminate edema).
  5. Nutrient (nourishes the skin with vitamins and trace elements).
  6. anti-inflammatory (fighting with allergies, irritation and redness).

These are the main types of creams that will not be hard to find on sale.Identify the problem that bothers you the most, and then go to the store for purchase.You can search as nazyvaemae combined creams that make them able to fight with several problems.

Choice cream depends on the time of year.You should know that in the summer the skin becomes drier, it loses a lot of moisture.Therefore, it is most expedient to use moisturizer.In winter, it may peel off, blush, weather-beaten.To help her come nourishing cream on oily basis.It will be good to soften the skin, protect it from adverse factors, reduces redness and even heal minor wounds.

Please note that the more natural hand cream you can get, the better.Mineral oil, which is often used instead of the manufacturers of natural ingredients clog the pores, resulting in the skin does not breathe and lost healthy.Well, if the cream contains components such as glycerol (softens and moisturizes), vegetable or animal fats (create a protective film), lanolin (makes the skin soft).Well, of course, the more a part of vitamins and nutrients, the better.

You probably know that you can cook cream with their hands.The same goes for our skin tender and soft grip.For example, take you adopt the following simple recipe: Mix 100 g of water, 50 g of honey and add 1 g of borax.Components need to mix well, at the request of beat with a mixer.Cream will nourishing and soothing effect, protects the hands from the adverse effects.

Finally.Hand cream should be chosen according to age.For young girls, he usually has a lighter structure, and for older women in the composition contains a substance designed to fight skin aging.