Seventeen - cosmetics, love in youth

youth and freshness does not need to be an abundance of cosmetics and personal care with a dense texture and deep action.However, young girls want to look more attractive, bright and stylish.Enhance the beauty of a cute little face to create an interesting image for the party or spend a day of relaxation with a cleansing and moisturizing the skin will Seventeen (cosmetics).The name speaks for itself - cosmetics seventeen or slightly older.The motto of the brand: "Lightness, freshness, brightness, and, of course, availability - everything you need young lady."

beauty, born in Greece

Seventeen - cosmetics developed in Greece in the distant 1962.The brand quickly became popular in the country of origin, and far beyond its borders.In more than 15 countries around the world Seventeen (cosmetics) is one of the leaders in the beauty industry.The success of the brand is fairly easy to explain - a wide range of cosmetic products and their naturalness, the use of the latest technological developments in t

he manufacture, as well as a permanent follow global trends in the world of beauty and fashion.

There is another important factor that has made the brand so popular Seventeen - value for money in favor of the second.This is especially true for the younger generation, who still can not afford the "space" amount on cosmetics.By the way, the followers of the "green" environmentalists and vegetarians can enjoy and feel free to purchase products of this brand, because it is not tested on animals.

Nakhodka among cosmetic brands for young and bright persons

Every girl wants to look irresistible and unique, while not causing harm to the health of the skin.Seventeen - cosmetics that can meet all these needs (and even more).Lots of different cosmetics rich color palette and a variety of textures.This and all kinds of makeup base - creams, powders, concealers.It is compact and crisp blush, eye shadow all shades, different types of lipstick (moisturizing, matte, persistent), lip glosses, pencils and more.

Seventeen: as a soft pencil as good blush ...

Pleasing product reviews Seventeen cosmetics.So, this pencil mark most girls find it very convenient to create a beautiful eye makeup.It is quite soft, easily falls and draws neat colorful arrows on the eyelids.At the same time in its composition contains vitamin B, which nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the eyelids.A similar structure has a lip pencil, enriched with vitamins, the formula ultraskolzheniya.Silky matte blush look very natural due to their basis used in the ultra-matte pigments.

Lipstick from Seventeen not only gives lips rich color and a beautiful shimmer and gently cares for them, protects against moisture loss and protects against harmful influences.And for when you need to prevent erasure and smearing lipstick, a special product - resistant lipstick Supreme.To create a light summer make-apa fit most gentle lip gloss with an extract of exotic mango, for example, the color gold rose.

Diversity, taking into account every nuance of care and makeup

Seventeen (cosmetics) offers a wide range of make-up.You can priobesti and liquid eyeliner (to create a perfectly smooth and bright lines), and eyebrow pencil with a special brush for combing and styling.Do not forget to take care of the careful removal of makeup.This will help the two-phase agent - liquid to remove makeup with lips and eyes, acting gently but effectively (deletes, including resistant makeup).

Be always beautiful, create new images every day with bright makeup and multifaceted Seventeen!