Blush "Pupa" - a good powder at a good price

choosing cosmetics, everything a woman trying to get not very expensive, but quality product, and that the effect was good and not to harm the skin.The choice of cosmetic products in the middle price range is large enough, then presented and the company distributes its products with the assistance of the agency network, and those that sell products through conventional retail stores.If we consider the powder, they are presented with all the manufacturers involved in decorative cosmetics, among which is the "Navel".

Many women, seeing a wealth of choice, get lost, going to the advice of her friends, counselors or online.Blush "Pupa" - the product is not very expensive (it cheap, though, too hard to call it), which makes it accessible for daily use even for those who are trying to save money on cosmetics.

«Pupa» manufactures cosmetics from the 70s of the last century, having to prove itself on the world market due to the quality of the product, its availability, and unique design.Now on sale you can

find several options powder produced by this company.The first is crumbly cream powder, designed for normal and dry skin, a traditional compact powder and baked powder "Navel" (a unique product of its kind).

Each type of powder "Navel" is available in several colors, from light to darker shades for dark skin.As for the roasted powder, it is also represented in several different ways, but its uniqueness lies in the combination of direct powder and blush.Regardless of the color, four-color powder to: the base color is used as a powder, and more - as the different shades of blush (palette includes both matte and shiny versions).

Due to high quality and hypoallergenic powder "Navel" is very popular among consumers.After trying "Pupu" once women customers tend to use it in the future constantly.

most popular in the lineup was the compact powder "Navel" reviews about which you can read virtually any Internet site dedicated to decorative cosmetics.The majority of reviews are positive, which means that the selected author powder "Navel" turned out to be a good buy, and found its use.Popularity is a compact version because this powder is easier to carry in a handbag, it easy to use and easy to find the right tone (in the baked version this can be a problem, as loose powder is inconvenient to carry around).

Despite the fact that over the past few years, products Pupa (including powder) has risen somewhat (this is probably due to the advertising and promotion of the brand), it is still affordable compared to the premium cosmetics.And if you choose between cosmetics that are sold through network marketing, and cosmetics Pupa, the choice is clearly in favor of the latter.After products "Navel" is despicable high quality, with its membership does not include harmful substances, making it suitable even for sensitive skin and does not cause allergies.