"Lanvin Eklat" - a true masterpiece in the world of perfumes

Modern Spirits "Lanvin Eklat" - a true masterpiece in the world of perfumery, which has something in common with the classic fragrance Arpege from the famous fashion house Lanvin.It was founded in 1989 by Jeanne Lanvin.By the 75th anniversary it was released a new fragrance was created with the greatest possible tenderness and love that can give a woman.Women's feelings are like floral bouquet of different shades."Lanvin Eklat" were created to celebrate the fair sex, and underlines its femininity.

author of this infinitely delicate, feminine and fragile compositions became famous perfumer Karine Dyubrel.Unique, sweetened with fresh flavor "Lanvin Eklat" aroma reminiscent of wild greens, which have just been moistened morning dew.Fragrance Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege - balanced smell of eternity, which is able to heal the soul, and return the energy to inspire optimism.

Light aroma reminiscent of the long-awaited first ray of light in the early spring, pierced floral accords of lilac and Sicilian lemon.Wi

th incomparable finesse in the center of the composition develops fragrant melody which contains scents of wisteria, peach, green tea and delicate red peony.The result is an unforgettable smell of refined fruit tone in the feminine, elegant aroma.

Refined French perfume "Lanvin Eklat" brilliantly accentuate every facet of feminine charm: femininity, elegance, sensuality and spontaneity.This perfume is aimed at younger members of the fairer sex at the age of 18 to 30 years.It can be used in all seasons and at any time.This fragrance is perfect for a romantic evening or for a business meeting in the office.

bottle design "Eklat Lanvin" was developed by the creative director of Lanvin by Alber Elbaz.For his foundation designer bottle taken Arpege, which was invented yet in 27 of the last century.The style in which it was performed, is called Art Deco - a trend in art, which was in vogue in those days.It finds expression in architecture and painting.Package combines a streamlined, playfulness, elegance and grace.

new bottle - light and elegant.The spherical shape is made of durable glass and silver cap closes with two wedding rings and precious stones.Two rings symbolize the love and union of classic and modern versions of Arpege.Gilded emblem depicting Jeanne Lanvin and her daughter looks spectacular on a light purple background liquid.The original packaging for this fragrance is made of transparent plastic.When advertising a product used illustrations of the world famous photographer - Gilles Bensimon.

Since 2005, the collection of "Lanvin Eklat" regularly updated with new aromatic products.For almost every instance it was invented unique memorabilia accessories.

Back in 1922 the artist Paul Iribe Jeanne Lanvin drew with her daughter in a satin dress.Now the picture is depicted on the labels of all products and perfume houses Lanvin.