Mascara Maybelline - quality, proven over the years

Many girls and women who have resorted to the help of decorative cosmetics to create the perfect make-up, familiar with the cosmetics brand Maybelline.It was established back in 1913, and its glorious history continues to this day.However, few people know that Maybelline - a brand that produced the world's first mascara, consisting of coal dust and Vaseline.And in 1917 he published a compact mascara Maybelline, which has become a breakthrough in the world of cosmetics.Since then, new developments and the improvement of existing formulas did not stop, so every year there are new mascara that help girls and women to become more beautiful and confident.

Mascara Maybelline - beauty care in one tube

Scientists and developers who are working on formulas for the carcass of Maybelline, know what every woman dreams of.Any representative of the fairer sex dreams about making her look was seductive and sexy, deep and fascinating.That is why the company produces several types of mascara: to lengthen, add volu

me, curl.Before entering the market every product passes dermatological and ophthalmologic control that ensures the safety of use for future buyers.It is proved by tests that Maybelline mascara can be used even for those who wear contact lenses.

How to choose the right mascara?

To begin, decide what effect you want to achieve.Maybe you have long lashes, but they lack the volume?Or you want to add zest to your image, achieving the effect of twisted eyelashes?Have you been dreaming of long, lush lashes?For every problem there is a solution.

Mascara Maybelline "The Colossal Volume Express"

One of the carcass sold in the world.Due to the content of collagen in the composition, this agent gives lashes a colossal amount.Large brush facilitates thorough staining each cilium, which gives them a rich color and look - depth.Bright and stylish package will be original decoration in every handbag glamor girl.

Mascara Maybelline "Pulse Perfection"

The company is always striving for perfection, so regularly offers its admirers innovative products.Pulse Perfection mascara brush is equipped with a vibrating mechanism.This fact allows you to evenly and accurately paint over each cilium.After applying mascara are perfectly divided and podkrucheny.Also, an effect of elongated and voluminous lashes.

Mascara by Maybelline "Volume Express The Falsies"

If you want to achieve the effect of false eyelashes, mascara then this is for you.Its formula, enriched with Pro-Keratin, a maximum lengthens lashes and brush original form - pulls and tightens them.

Maybelline mascara.Reviews

on blogs and websites, you can find a huge amount of positive feedback, which prove that the company Maybelline produces high-quality and highly efficient products.Those who remained dissatisfied, perhaps faced with fake goods or expired.Therefore, buying mascara, always read the label carefully.Get the goods only in the audited stores or shops, but not in the subway.