Learn to draw arrows on the beautiful eyes

Nowadays, there are a variety of types of makeup.While some trendy, others fade into the background.But beautiful arrows hardly ever lose its relevance.Another inhabitant of ancient Egypt used them to gain a more expressive look.Well, the biggest peak of popularity came in the 50-60s of last century, when they really started to come into vogue.

Beautiful arrows can be drawn with a soft pencil, liquid eyeliner or helium, automatic pencil, felt-tip pen, and even ordinary shadows.Each medium is good in its own way, but it is easiest to work with a pencil.Liquid eyeliner during application requires a certain skill, because one inaccurate smear - and the makeup will be ruined.Plus helium liner that during her breeding is possible to achieve the desired consistency, thereby obtaining a completely different saturation arrows.Automatic pencil-tip pen allows you to draw a clear line at the expense of certain feed colorant.Well, and the shadows give you room for creativity.A rich palette of colors will create

different shades of arrows, depending on the mood and the type of makeup.

How nice to draw an arrow in front of

Let's look at the main points of the process.If you are just starting out as an element of the arrow makeup, use an ordinary soft pencil to get the hand.Draw an arrow start with the inner corner of the eye and ends at the outside.The line should be located as close to the lashes.Try first to put dots or short strokes, in order to outline the passage of the line, and then connect them together.

Beautiful arrows liner made similarly as pencil.Hand first, it should be put on the table to keep it from shaking, and the line was obtained smooth.Before using helium liner, it should be diluted with water and then brush draw the arrow.

remaining funds to create arrows are applied in the same way.Most importantly, ensure that the line is the maximum level, it had a thickness that will be right for your eyes.A thickness, as, indeed, and the length, is the most diverse.The main thing is not to overdo it.

Beautiful arrows: some useful tips

  • If the arrow is drawn liquid eyeliner before applying it on the eyelid can be applied to a dry powder, which will means go more smoothly.
  • Lower eyelid best draws a soft pencil, without the help of eyeliner.
  • If you can not make a straight line, remove the excess by means of gel-make-up remover and a cotton swab.
  • prorisovyvaya arrow, try a little delay eyelid.In this case, the process can greatly facilitate.

Beautiful hands - is an art, but it is not as unattainable as it may seem at first glance.Train at home, try different lengths and thicknesses, and you will be able to pick up such an arrow that will fit perfectly with the cut of your eyes.