Lancome Fragrance - perfume or something more?

beautiful flower, the incarnation of grace, subtlety and sensuality, combined with a luxurious aroma - that Rose was to become the emblem originated back in 1935 the French firm Lancome.Perfumes, cosmetics and later, this brand - the living embodiment of luxury and status of their owner, bordering with exquisite taste and elegance.Armand Petitjean, the founder of the brand, was not just perfumes and known in certain circles, make-up artist.He - a real creator who has created scents that have become masterpieces and gave birth to the desire of millions to enjoy them.

"Invincible Five", or the first five fragrances by Lancome

first five flavors of which are now hunted by collectors and connoisseurs: Tendres Nuits, Kypre, Bocages, Magie and favorite flavor Arman - Tropiques.Each of them is unique and has a special charm to the bouquet.Kypre - merging with jasmine musk, Bocages - an unusual alliance of lily and lily of the valley with a barely noticeable interspersed honeysuckle, Magie or Conquête f

ascinates with its mystery and Tendres Nuits as gentle as its name "Gentle Night".

been more than half a century since the founding of the company Lancome, but its products are not lost its French flair.Modern Lancome fragrances are as perfect as their predecessors.

"Tresor" by Lancome - perfume color pink champagne

One of the favorite today - perfume Lancome "Tresor" - conquer at first sight.The aroma is concluded if the pyramid of gemstone reflects light and emitting a pinkish glow.

opened the bottle, you immediately feel the "heart" of the fragrance - rose hip with iris coexist with young peach and apricot and spice spicy supplement composition.It is the absence of the initial notes, when the scent rakryvaetsya just makes it even more special and sensual."Tresor" - the perfect choice to create an easy and gentle way.

"Climat" - brilliant classic among fragrances Lancome

runaway success and popularity made spirits "Klima" Lancome - the embodiment of classic, elegant, not devoid of mystery.At the heart of the fragrance are combined rose sensual, delicate lily of the valley and jasmine.Introduction to the "heart" of spirits began to notes of bergamot in a cocktail with peach and violet.When the aroma calms down and rests firmly on the skin, come into play basic notes of a mixture of sandalwood, amber and vetiver.

hypnotic power of aroma "Hypnose" Lancome

A pair fragrance from Lancome perfume "Hypnosis" ("Hypnose"), probably familiar to almost everyone.They combine feminine sensuality and virility embodied in lavender-amber composition.You can also guess the notes of mandarin, patchouli, musk and mint.And female and male "Hypnosis" has the freshness, depth and incredible power of attraction.

"Miracle" - a miracle, a gift from Lancome brand

cheerful, energetic and explosive mix creativity with elegance embodied in a series of "Miracle" from Lancome ("Miracle").The spirits of the line if awakening from a dream, made to feel brightness and dynamic life.

For the very first fragrance of jasmine and amber, followed by others - a harmonious floral-oriental composition "Miracle Forever" (with notes of black currant, anise and almonds), a summer version of the perfume "Miracle Summer" (the composition of the sun rose, tangerineand pink grapefruit), a seductive scent of "Miracle So Magic" (clover and white flowers with notes of rose, flavored with vanilla and musk).

Lancome - spirits that will not leave anyone indifferent.Wealth dizzying aromas, dressed in elegant bottles and win the love of women and men, which remains in the hearts of long time.