Wella Color touch - paint, which fits all

Perhaps every woman who once in his life faced with the procedure hair dye, is well aware of the existence of paint Wella Color touch.This cosmetic product is specially formulated to even colored hair can look natural, appealing, and thus had a healthy appearance.After applying the paint is updated structure of each hair, causing hair becomes shiny, silky and soft.It is worth noting that while the hair remains strong and powerful, they do not spoil the natural qualities, but only multiplied, allowing you to always look and feel on the ball.

Hair Dye Wella Color touch can be used very often, and it would not entail the poor condition of the hair canvas.It includes a natural wax and keratin - the components that make any color more intense and persistent.Color in one of the colors of this wonderful paint, in the coming months will have a tint roots, if necessary.Treat the entire length of the paint is no need, because without this color will always remain bright and saturated.It is important that the co

loring substance gives exactly the same result, which is indicated on the probe.Therefore, if you are preferring the shade Wella Color touch plus, then your hair will become soft natural brown color, and thus will not "give" no reddishness or gray tone.

Among the features described inks can also be noted that most of the colors, which are presented in her palette - natural.Of course, in the collection of Wella Color touch there are various non-standard color, vivid and exotic (yellow, pink, purple, gray, cream, etc.), however, creating this line, stylists have focused on naturalness.You must agree, the hair that have natural healthy shade blends perfectly with any garment with which you like, in contrast to the extreme colors, which look only in certain roles.

paint is safe, even if the question of the painting to match Wella Color touch relights.Many ladies think that toning too bright colors leads to a very rapid destruction of the structure of the hair, as always in such cases, have to deal with powdered hair bleach.Applying the paint from the manufacturer Wella, on this issue, you can easily get rid of.For proper clarification is enough to add in the paint of 12 percent oxidizing agent (instead of 6 or 9, which is often provided), and the result will exceed all expectations.

updated and all your favorite hair color Wella Color touch can be used on bleached, streaked or curled hair chemistry.This does not affect the tone of his special qualities that manifest in the brightness, durability and shine.Keep the paint on the hair of the recommended 20 to 30 minutes, and if after painting you are used to wrap the hair and keep them warm, then it will be enough 15 minutes.It is important to know that if the natural color of the roots of much darker tone than the one in which you are painted, it is desirable to hold the paint on them as long as possible, and only then move on to the toning the entire length.