Denim shorts with a high waist - the trend in 2013

shorts denim long and firmly took its place in the wardrobes of young people around the world.A huge range of different models allows you to select shorts for any type of figure.They can be worn for a walk outside the city, the beach and a party at the club.

first shorts were created at the end of the last century, when the famous jeans manufacturer, the company Wrangler, presented a collection of clothing that almost went unnoticed.The surge in popularity falls short on the eighties.At this time, there are mini-shorts that are popular today as in very young girls, and in women older.Although this model is not for everyone.Girl reshivshayasya wear it should be pronounced thin waist and long legs.Otherwise, this model artful emphasize all figure flaws.

Denim shorts with a high waist settled in the wardrobes of the beautiful half of humanity for a long time, along with other no less relevant, models.They are diverse in their decision: fringed, ripped, plain and with different prints, colorful.

Denim shorts with a high waist and very fond of young girls and older women.Senior female representatives can use them to cover up some of the surplus on the abdomen and flanks.High perfectly shorts combined with blouses and tights, and the resulting image is not that beach, and more rigorous.

trend in 2013 can be considered as all the clothes with high waist: dresses, skirts, tunics, trousers, which are gradually, but very aggressively displaces from the fashion catwalks clothes with low waist.The secret to the popularity of these models?

- Denim shorts with a high waist give the correct figure shape.

- This model makes the girl slimmer and higher.

- In this outfit you can go to work, and on a romantic date, provided that a proper ensemble.

Denim Shorts 2013 will be a stylish look with a jacket.If you are a bright silk shirt tucked into shorts, your strict dress becomes more feminine and romantic.

Despite the fact that the shorts so beloved models have a fairly wide belt with buttons, stylists recommend to supplement their belts and straps.It is perfectly accentuate the waist.

shoes you can pick up on the soles or low heels.With more stringent models look good boots, shoes with high wedges, platform.

Shortened denim shorts with a high waist are sports style.They should be worn with T-shirts, tops.And, of course, remember that this model is not suitable for an office or institution.

In 2013, many famous designers are not left unattended and the male half of humanity.They offered a large selection of shorts for every taste.However, it should be noted that, unlike the female version, men's denim shorts (photo - article) clothes are informal and may not be used in the business style.The men are very impressive look of denim shorts with cuffs, in conjunction with the T-shirt in a cage or a sports shirt.