"Kari" (shoes): customer reviews

shoes - it is something without which we can not do.In addition it should be easy, footwear has to be different: sports, model, a variety of colors and shades, elegant, casual and very festive (shoes for the bride, for example).But the most important thing to her - easy and comfortable for the feet.

The brand

recently in the Russian market a new brand - "Kari".The company specializes in the production of men's and women's footwear, accessories.According to the format of the European network of Fast Fashion - is the Russian "Kari" (shoes).Feedback from customers about the quality of goods, services, product range - very different.The company's products are also represented in the markets of Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.Pricing policy - the availability of a broad consumer audience.The general style of design, color scheme makes it possible to immediately notice that before you shop "Kari".Shoes presented a completely different style to any occasion, from moccasins to a model of boots.Also, you ca

n buy men's, women's and children's clothing, tights.


Reasonable prices, a variety of promotions, discounts, of course, attract people and increase the number of those who want to buy "Kari" (shoes).Feedback from customers on prices is mainly positive.You can not afford to buy a pair of new things for different purposes and for different outfits.


opinions of consumers about the quality of goods are very different from each other.Some are happy with everything, and they are ready again to buy something, others complain about the marriage in the product, peculiar smell, poor quality raw material from which made "Kari" (shoes).Reviews of this category of buyers, of course, negative.As a plus, there is brightness and unusual models.

level of service

product is on the shelves, and as samples, and other dimensions.The style of service - self-service.The staff will help if to address him.Stores have catalogs of new products, which shows the shoes "Kari".Reviews about the level of service is also contradictory.Some people like to choose a package and not to answer the constant questions of managers of the hall, and someone used to be given professional advice on the goods you like.A wide range of accessories makes it possible to directly create an original image.For example, a nice clutch plus evening variant shoe brand "Kari" (shoes).Reviews are positive in this regard.

Shine does not happen much

As you know, the shoe does not happen much.This is especially true for women.Ask any, if she has extra shoes?The answer is likely to be: "No".This is partly true.To look fashionable and beautiful, it is necessary when choosing a wardrobe to take into account the overall harmony of color, style, audience with which to communicate, as well as a place where you go.But we should not forget about comfort for the feet.In this case, you have to decide on priorities: the variety or quality.If the combination of both - then the more money will be spent on the purchase, and the only condition for the dream to be the size of a personal budget.