How to make white clutch with his hands

Clutch - stylish and elegant thing, which combines an elegant handbag and jewelry, and, moreover, gives a complete image.Especially popular are universal models, as black and white clutch, which can go up to any outfit.By and large, these ladies handbags in the wardrobe should have a few - for different outfits.By and seasonality, and the purpose of it dictate their images.If a trip to the theater or to a restaurant need elegant, luxurious, decorated with rhinestones or pearls handbag small size, for a business suit to choose a more modest, designed in a simple style without flashy colors.For everyday wear, you can pick up the bulk bag with several compartments and pockets, so that you can put into it is much more useful things.

White Clutch - Universal bag, however, as black.Therefore, if a woman can not buy himself a suitable outfit for him handbag, you must have in the arsenal, even though these two.However, the question can be solved with handbags and other, more straightforward way.You just need

to ask: how to make clutch their hands?For this woman, somehow knows how to sew or knit, there is a good chance to get a few fashionable things, moreover, it is necessary to dress.Thus, you can create your own, individual and unique way.

Clutch knitted create not difficult.We just need a little bit to be able to knit, crochet desirable, since this type of knit fabric provides a more durable that will not stretch and lose shape when worn.Before you start knitting, you need to decide - what is meant future model?If it's an evening dress - you should choose a thread brighter and decor - poroskoshnee.This may come and with the addition of lurex thread and single-colored thread, but as decoration then you can choose the stones, crystals and sequins.It is also necessary to select the material for lining and frame for bags, if it is to have a clear outline and a hard shell.For the model with a soft, rounded frame is not needed, you only need to pick up items for padlock or push-button clasp.

can tie a beautiful white clutch, decorated it with pearls and fringe - it will be very elegant handbag, which will also striking adornment to any outfit.Even the bride who wants to look perfect all night, can keep to yourself a little thing, where to stay calm lipstick, mirror and powder box.This will enable the bride during the celebrations quietly monitor their appearance and have until the end of a holiday in great shape.

can think about how to make the clutch, if you can not knit.It is very simple - it is necessary to sew!To do this quite a bit - at least a little skill to hold in the hands of a needle and a certain amount of imagination.The form of such bags may actually be quite simple - two rectangles, connected to each other and clasp.You just need to pick up a form for the frame to keep the silhouette of a handbag, if you want to see it in a hard style.Then the fabric is chosen in accordance with the purpose bags and sometimes years.If the bag is intended to march to the party - great can come black thick cloth, and for decor - beads, sequins and pearls.You can sew a white clutch - a wonderful handbag, decorate it with sequins and feathers, and it will also serve as a great decoration for evening attire.For business woman will choose the organic fabric is not eye-catching pastel colors that will fit in a business suit.This is necessary to sew a handbag the size of a few more, because it would have put the documents, telephones and diary.

Clutch, unlike bags large size, is able to give his mistress sophistication and aristocracy, it is difficult to imagine a business woman with a big shapeless bag in his hands.Even more strange it would look at a party or in a restaurant.Therefore, a small elegant handbag, resembling a big purse large size - always a winning option, in any situation, and together with any clothing (except, of course, sports).