How to make your own hands clutch

This small, graceful and elegant handbag came to us not so long ago.Once the Duke of Westminster has presented Chanel handbag-tube, which became the prototype of the modern clutch.In the future, the idea picked up Christian Dior and gone - away we go!Fashionistas decide what you can do with your hands and clutch immediately found needlewoman, who figured out how to save money on designer things and began to sew and knit so cherished handbags.What materials are not only used for this purpose - and fur, and plastic, and velvet, and the decor - it's metal parts and stones, and bows, ribbons and pearls.Flight of fancy and inexhaustible in the women's hands, these products were transformed into indescribable beauty and variety of forms.

course, make their own hands clutch a lot cheaper than buying a designer thing, but hardly any needlewoman be compared with the works of great artists in the world of clothing!What they do not come up to surprise and please their clients - the course is snakeskin, Swarovski

stones, fringe and fur, pearls and metal beads and sequins.A variety of shapes and sizes!For evening made small and elegant handbags rectangular, decorated with all sorts of elegant ornaments.For business lady handbags made larger, more modest and muted tones with a minimum of bows and stones, round and trapezoidal, rectangular, oval, soft and hard structures.All outstanding designers include in their fashion shows, this has become an indispensable accessory for the modern woman.

However, a large selection of designer handbags does not cost less urgent problem.Therefore, women who want to have in your arsenal that thing, but not sufficient means, should be able to make the clutch with his hands, good for good fabric stores and sewing accessories, sewing and hooks, as well as fantasy and tips in fashion magazines and on websites inonline.

To tie the clutch hook, need, first of all, to define the purpose - for what will be used this bag, and how it will be worn.Evening variant differs from the everyday, summer from winter, of course, will also differ markedly.

To link handbag to go out, you must pick up the thread of elegant colors, can be supplemented with Lurex, dense and durable.For decorative stones can approach the appropriate color, beads and sequins.But first you need to think about what will be worn bag and after that pick up the thread color and decor.Next you need to choose the appropriate size of the hook, lock parts and the frame, if it is a rigid structure.For soft and three-dimensional model is sufficient thread and fabric lining.

Knitted clutches look elegant and beautiful, if they are well in tune with the clothes and carried out in accordance with the season.For everyday use, you can select a thread discreet, neutral colors, with a minimum of decoration and matte shades.In this bag devour the need to put makeup, mobile phone, diary, so it should be slightly larger than an evening option.Internally, it can have multiple compartments and pockets, as well as modern models are often equipped with a chain for convenience, so you can wear it over your shoulder.

Clutch own hands can be performed from the tissue.You will need to choose the right color suede or other thick cloth according to your preferences and the season.For the manufacture of bags for the cold seasons can be applied fur, fringe, and a thicker fabric.So it will be more in harmony with a scarf, a coat or a warm coat.By business suit to choose a suitable fabric shade and a more rigorous and discreet decor.

Clutch is now extremely fashionable and relevant, you can choose any style of clothing, but, perhaps, sporty style can not tolerate this accessory.