Bag Bag - a stylish accessory with their own hands

Fashion comes and goes again.That Bag With each passing day becomes more relevant and urgent.In the shops you can see a large selection of bags, but some of their financial situation does not allow to get a bag.Of course, the girls are very important to buy something of her dreams, even our great-grandmother in the war exchanged bread for lipstick, what can we say about the current time.You can save, borrow and buy a coveted accessory such as a bag bag, but you can and avoid such casualties.Such a product, like a bag bag, it can make its own, and the result will be worse than in the store.

now especially popular bag jeans.We share with you the secret of how to make such a product, as a bag bag of denim.For this bag will suit old jeans or denim patches.This case is well suited to those who prefer a sporty style, and enjoy freedom of movement.The dimensions of such bags will be equal to approximately A4 sheet.There you can easily put a folder, or sheets, or a book the size of a sheet of landscape.In add

ition, denim pretty tight and durable, so this bag will serve you faithfully and fairly znachmtelny period of time.

If you do not have enough tissue grafts of the same type, do not worry, because now the fashion mix of styles, so the designer, operate, give free rein to their imagination.But first you need to determine how often you will be using your bag, and depending on it to choose the material.If you will need this bag every day, respectively, and the material in addition to jeans, to be strong.

not forget the tissue lining.You need material 50 x 70 fabric lining, and 22 x 20 of the same fabric for an inner pocket.Do not choose jeans for bag handbag in which too much iron locks and other stuff.For owners of long nails obviously do not just have to break them of the iron lock on the fly jeans.Therefore, to avoid such incidents, it is better to get rid of such accessories on your jeans.
And so now, we'll give you a brief description of how to sew a bag of jeans.To get started you will need to make a pattern your bags.Detailed models and pictures you can find on the Internet.You can make the bag front on both sides, ie,to cut costs so that pockets were on the front of the bag and on the inside.Torn pocket darn artistic pattern, you can attach the appliqué.Then you post to both sides bag pockets and various patches and applications, then the work is only your imagination.Then you do the bottom of the bag, it can also be performed from the flaps.Then you gently begin to sew the two side bags, and bottom.Next you need to cut out the lining fabric, a rectangle, 43 x 64, a small strip of 22 X 4 and another rectangle 22 X 15. The bag is sewn to the bots.Next you schedule lined bags place inside pocket stitching, you may want to sew these pockets as you need.Next, you should sew the handle, you can make them their individual parts, or their whole cloth.Sews, cleans unnecessary thread, and your bag is ready.If you wish, you can make a fringe on top, or some other additions to krasoty.Naprimer will suit any application in the actual topic, drawing a special paint or beaded patterns - the flight of fantasy here is not limited.
Well, see for yourself, how to sew the bag bag, and it's not difficult, and the cost of such a bag you will be several times smaller.You can also sew a bag out of any fabric you liked, not only jeans.

I hope these tips will help you to look at 100, and that save a lot of money.