From what to wear red shoes

No one will argue that the shoes are extremely important part of the wardrobe of the modern woman.A spectacular high-heeled shoes also used as an excellent weapon in the battle for "a place under the sun", so it's extremely important is the ability to choose your shoes together.Especially it concerns such a bright and challenging options as fancy red shoes.

Spectacular and bright red shoes always attract the attention of not only men but also women.For a long time there was a myth that bright red shoes can be in the locker room only "ho."Yet it was permissible to wear these shoes to dance latin.But the modern fashion trends is left behind and prejudice can be found even elite red high-heeled shoes in the collections of world famous designers such as Christian Dior or Valentino.To create them, use and patent leather, and jewelry made of stones and textile inserts, and platforms, and now classical stiletto heels.

A variety of models is striking our imagination.However, when choosing a shoe you need t

o think carefully about what you can wear red shoes to your look was not gaudy and elegant.First of all, we must remember that bright red - it is always a challenge.Putting pumps or stilettos red, you automatically become, whether you like it or not, the center of attraction of attention.Therefore, it is necessary to select carefully the rest of the wardrobe.

rare woman wants to look especially tasteless and vulgar, but the wardrobe, which is picked up correctly, do it all yourself.The shifting boundary between sexuality and lust is so fragile that just need to keep it, if you treasure a reputation for fashionable and beautiful woman.

First of all, you need to pay attention to detail.If you're wearing red sandals or open toe shoes, your feet should be groomed to look perfect, and the nails must be perfect pedicure.Try not to choose red shoes exactly the same color nail polish.It is quite suitable conventional clearcoat.

Next, consider all your favorite red leather bag.The combination of colors of bags and shoes to popular belief necessarily.However, in the case of a red shoes might be too.Perfectly suited here is just a small clutch of red leather of the same quality.

further attention clothes.Red shoes are perfectly suited to the classic jeans, denim mini skirt or sundress.If high heels, they will especially emphasize the figure, combining successfully with narrowed bottom jeans.To complete the set, you can pick up a small accessory scarlet (bracelet, brooch or ring).Red shoes are also very well with the classic little black dress style cocktail dresses and other soothing colors and simple cut.

Red Shoes can also be a good idea to come to the business style of clothing.With it, the perfect combination of light pastel tops and matching pants bright light color.But first you need to make sure that this kit does not violate the corporate dress code.If you are overly sexual his views will distract from the work of the male half of the office, it can lead to the disapproval of leadership.

also need to be careful when combining red shoes with bright prints and clothes with ruffles.Excessive diversity might just kill the whole spectacular way.This option is best bright summer sun dresses of silk or viscose.And the last is the image of the caller - it is completely red outfit.Red shoes, red dress and red accessories, and you are guaranteed the attention of everyone around.Do not worry, in this case heard snatches of conversation envious.