Modern costumes for women 2011

Business suit - an indispensable element of any successful woman's wardrobe.If in the past, for example, at the beginning of the last century under him knew only a combination of jacket and skirt, having an average length, to date, species diversity is very large business suits.Sometimes his style can balance on the border between austerity and mischief, even shocking, thus attracting even more attention to the overall image.

actually suits today women in 2011 have a lot of no less strict and stylish alternatives are therefore not indispensable in the wardrobe.However, a strict dress is perfect for business meetings that require maximum focus on the presentation of a product or project and a minimum of attention to the appearance of the parties.This does not mean that the clothes have to be boring, we need only show a little imagination and flick through the pages of fashion magazines.

How to choose a business suit?
Choosing a business suit depends on many factors.First of all, you need to pay at

tention to the type of shape, because as any other wrong-chosen clothes, wrong chosen skirt, pants or jacket can only highlight the shortcomings, of course, if any.

For women with a curvy shape the designers have developed a model with a short jacket, having rounded lapels.The jacket should be pritalen and skirt have a rounded hem line.For more sports suits women more suitable for women in 2011, with straight lines.In such a case jacket must be elongated and have a sharp geometric contours lapels.

Choosing a business suit does not seemingly simple, but the type of shape - not only in the list of factors to be taken into account.

Very important is the choice of color, which should vary according to the season: bright and light colors for spring and summer options darker for fall and winter.Be moderate in the choice of fabric pattern: no flashy and bright colors, let it be plain cloth or mild cell or vertical bar.

fabric for a suit should be as expensive, low cost make it a failure.Note that the image of a business - a business card, which has to be perfect and well thought out.Avoid synthetics, prefer high-quality wool.In addition, buying costumes for women in 2011, pay attention to not only the colors and the quality of the fabric, but also the quality of tailoring (lining, stitching, buttons, locks, etc.).

Types of business suits

Trouser suit
very convenient and portable, so is popular among business woman among the biggest fashionistas.Trousers and jackets, a variety of styles allow you to create the most unusual combinations and images.Today especially relevant bananas pants and trousers of classical type with sharp arrows.

In some modern versions pantsuits have a shortened version of trousers: pants or breeches.Undoubtedly, such a combination of rigor and originality allocate any woman from the crowd, give it a certain image of extravagance and glamor.But there is a big minus: to wear shorts and bridges need to have beautiful, shapely legs.In addition, this allows you to experiment with the length of the shoes and tights: boots, ankle boots, knitted stockings - all will be an excellent complement to the style.

suit with a skirt

Skirt business style, like trousers, may have a different cut.The modern world offers fashion suits for women in 2011 with a skirt-odor, pencil skirt and a mini skirt.It should be noted that the pencil skirt is always effectively emphasized silhouette as suitable for women with any type of figure.

Women suit 2011 can be supplemented with accessories: lightweight silk scarf bright colors, floral handbag and high heels make the image more feminine.

choosing a suit is necessary to pay attention to every little detail, because usually chosen classic choices that last a long time, and not soon go out of fashion.