Beach bags: take a course on marine leisure

gentle sun, the fresh sea air, which literally hovers the spirit of fun, adventure and joy, delicate white sand, a vast expanse of blue sea surface and the surprised cries of gulls.Which of the fair sex does not dream of such a holiday?After all, he - not only a great opportunity to purchase a gorgeous tan, enough to roll naplavatsya and water attractions, and at least for the time to go on vacation everyday worries.It is also an excellent opportunity to fill up your wardrobe with bold and emotional things for beach holidays.In a rather volumetric suitcase this fashionista has outfits for all occasions: frank swimwear bright colors, wide and narrow pareos, frivolous and romantic tunics, dresses, skirts and pants, a few pairs of shoes ... In addition, each Beauty pays great attention and summer accessories.Among them are sunglasses, and jewelry and hats, and various clips and fan.But perhaps the first place among the most necessary items for recreation occupy beach bags.

In recent years, most talented

designers try not to get round this most important subject of the toilet.From under sensitive to the beautiful light hand fashion designer today can appear not only has become a classic straw beach bag, but the original bag or handbag in animalistic floral tones or knitted bag, boldly decorated with large metal buckles.Of course, the practicality of these products can be argued, but their aesthetic merits no doubt.

If you are still interested in beach bags, which should be placed in as many useful things, it would be preferable to opt for a rather volumetric, robust model with strong handles and a comfortable elastic flat bottom.Color and texture of bags depends on the style you have chosen this summer.For example, if the current warm season is for you under the sign of "country" or in the locker room is dominated by ethnic trends, the best addition to the romantic long skirts and the "village" will sundress braided straw or hard jute beach bags.This can be rounded bag basket with vegetable or floral patterns or rectangular roomy tote with themed shirts, prints or sea decorations.Suit and canvas bags bags hand-made.These bags are not only look great with straw hats and wicker flip-flops, but also allow their owner to show her creativity and imagination.After all, this "bag" so easy and pleasant to sheathe beads, shells, coins or any other interesting decorations.

If time needlework is not possible to choose the perfect purse and a store.The maestro of contemporary fashion recommend beach bags of bright colors.It looks great practical and colorful accessories, pink, blue, yellow, deep crimson, turquoise tones with white "sea" strips or provocative peas.Welcome and cheerful prints with images of the inhabitants of the underwater world, and other aesthetically pleasing creatures and plants.And indeed the beach bag may turn into a nice fish, a wonderful butterfly or a cute car.

For ladies elegant age designers have prepared an exquisite model of beach bags are designed in soft pastel colors: lovely white and gold and pale beige, they will not leave indifferent any representative of the fairer sex.

So our suitcase fashionable and beautiful things - assembled over his shoulder hangs a wonderful original handbag.And this is a true sign of a wonderful and unforgettable vacation!