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When a woman's life there comes a happy time pre-wedding bustle and preparation for this remarkable event, there is a lot of current issues that need to be solved somehow.After all, if you do not appeal to the organizers of the wedding, you yourself will not only look for a restaurant, build menus, guest lists, order machines, cake, decorations, etc., but also to pick up an unusual and magical outfit for the bride.And buy a dress, veil and jewelry is not enough.Sometimes the success of the holiday depends on a seemingly unimportant details like the most comfortable shoes.Pounded into the blood or swelling of the feet can ruin the mood of any bride, and thus the entire festival as a whole.That's why choosing wedding shoes, you need to know some of the secrets and subtleties of this process.

Before you go in search of shoes, you must determine the type of wedding ceremony and shaped, that is a model wedding dress.After the ceremony for the best fit comfortable backless shoes and heels.But in the restaur

ant or on a walk, you can wear a beautiful, classic and original shoes.Of course, it all depends on the season.For winter or rainy autumn you can hardly fit the open high-heeled shoes.

Before you go for the wedding shoes, it is useful to know that, too, has shades of white.And best of all to dress shade blends perfectly with a touch of shoes.This does not necessarily carry over a shop all dress entirely, suit and a small sample of his tissue.

buying a dress, you need to consider what you want to wear heels in the most important day of your life.After all, the length wedding dress should look aesthetically with your shoes.It depends on whether the dress will not be too long, short, or vice versa.

Based on the fact what material is your wedding dress, you should select and wedding shoes.It is for the dress suit with lace shoes with elements of lace and satin shoes to look great with a dress of iridescent fabrics.

If your dress exquisite, gorgeous and just a plethora of different items, shoes should be simple, without the clutter of lace, beads, sequins and others.And for a modest, classic wedding dress you need to choose wedding shoes rich, teeming with decorative details.Please note that the beads, crystals, diamonds, sequins and rhinestones to be combined with each other while on a dress, shoes, veil or purse.

most important quality shoes that are ideal to move this honorably filled with unrest and events of the day, it's - convenience.You will have to spend many hours on their feet, accepting congratulations, dancing at the restaurant or just walking around town.So uncomfortable shoes will turn your holiday into a living hell.

With regard to the heel wedding shoes, you do not necessarily wear it, especially if such models, you do not feel comfortable.Wedding shoes, and may well have a flat sole, as long as you feel comfortable.In addition, it is important to consider the place of celebration.It is unlikely that shoes with heels please you outside the city, where the broken road with bumps and holes.

Note length dresses are usually adjusted after selection of shoes, so that it does not reach the floor about 2 centimeters.Be sure to carry the wedding shoes.And so she did not lose the form, you can do it exclusively at home.You can buy shoes and a special interior, but there are usually inflated price.Any shoe store - this is the place which offers a wide range of models of shoes for the wedding.

On a day when a new family is born, everything has to be perfect bride: hairstyle, dress, makeup, and of course, shoes.So get ready for a celebration in advance.