Colouring hair tonic: reviews Women

Nowadays, any woman can change the hair color most dramatically.Beauty, offers a lot of different colors for these purposes.But, unfortunately, most of them have a negative impact on our hair.The fact that the composition of these inks include aggressive chemical compounds, which serve to disclose hair flakes and colorant to penetrate into the structure.This procedure is done more than once, adversely affects the quality of hair.But there are means which is soft dye.It is a tonic for the hair.Reviews of it contradictory.One of the women using tonics constantly, and someone disappointed with the result of their application.Let's look at why this is happening.

mechanism of action of tonic

Unlike resistant inks have a tonic for the hair completely different mechanism of action.It includes no hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, which is mandatory in the present resistant paint (these substances serve to open the hair scales and modify their structure).The operating principle of a tonic.It consists, as a ru

le, include colorants, compounds that promote retention of the dye on the hair surface and caring ingredients which impart softness and shine tresses.Thus, tonic - a gentle hair dye.It does not penetrate into the hair structure and does not alter it.Tonic only envelops each hair, thus changing its color.Such a dye has only one drawback - it is washed off after 6-8 times washing procedures of the head. Advantages of tonic

Although hair tonic quickly washed off, the tool is very popular among women.This can be explained by the following reasons:

  • With toning can often change hair color without damaging them in the process.Become a fiery-red or blue-black will help any woman hair tonic.Reviews of the fair sex show that to do so with the help of such tools is very easy.
  • tool easily applied to the hair and wash off easily.
  • Tonic has a mild effect on the hair.After his repeated application does not arise problems such as a section of the tips, or the effect of "burnt straw."
  • Toning - the optimal solution to the problem of light gray hair in women who can not use a temporary proof paint, for example, in pregnant women.
  • Another advantage of a tool such as hair tonic, - the price.Good paint is quite expensive, and tonic - less than half.

How to use the tool

And now I'll talk about how to properly apply the hair tonic.Reviews of women say that each of them in his own way using this tool.Someone pours it into a non-metallic bowl, and then applied to dry hair with a brush for painting.Someone gets a tonic to head straight from the bottle through the applicator and then combing the hair to its uniform distribution over the entire head.Both ways are correct.Just remember that the duration of the agent is 30 to 40 minutes.After that, it should be thoroughly washed and dried hair habitual for you.

In this article, we discussed the principle of operation of the light coloring agents as the hair tonic.Consumer reviews show that it does effectively revives the natural color of the hair and gives them new shades.We need only remember that holds a color for long - an average of 2 weeks.