Good barber's chair - the success of the pledge

opening of the salon in the best, the most prestigious area of ​​the city still does not guarantee a constant influx of customers.It is important in hairdressing (as well as in any other) reputation.

And the best ads here - user rating, for which a great location is not always plays a major role.Some for the sake of quality service are ready to go even to the outskirts.Why is that?This is the paradox we try to understand.

So, imagine that you - one of those customers.In which cabin you would like to be served?What criteria it should have?Let's break the points of our demands.

1. Convenient location of the cabin. is very important that before it can be reached without problems, both by public transport or on your own.

2. presentable appearance. Of course, this is not the main criterion, but it has been before you enter the room.There are, they say, "dress for success".And if the first impression is justified, then you enter the room, and if not, then most likely, will go look for another and

, most likely - the one who once recommended friends ...

3. The interior of the room. Agree home comfort features.Careful design with warm colors, pleasant music, comfortable barber's chair, where you can relax until hostess wizard will cast over your hair ... And if the positive emotions received before you came in, will be fixed, you are sure to return ithere, recommending (in turn) is a familiar place.

But if the interior design and can help determine professional designers, the barber chair is better to choose their own.It should be comfortable for the master who will work with the client, and the client.What should you look for?

1. Hydraulics. barbers' chairs must be equipped with a hydraulic lift that allows, if necessary, adjust the height, without disturbing the visitor.

In addition, the lift has to fix the chair, preventing its spontaneous rotation: the slightest involuntary movement can ruin the results of hard work of the master and cause resentment client.

Previously used in the barber's chair with a pneumatic lift, springy under the weight of a seated person and quickly exiting the system.Today, this equipment is considered obsolete.

2. Appearance. Avoid chairs "a la the office."Clad imitation leather barber chair, whose price is much lower, it may undermine the reputation of the salon.Put yourself in the client: you are able to experience positive emotions from the bustle of the office, sitting in a cheap chair?Hardly.In addition, the leather is short-lived and "does not like" sanitization.The best option (cheap and cheerful) - imitation leather.

3. Facilities.Choose comfortable barber's chair - a soft, follow the contours of the body.

4. Functionality. If your customer like interior, it will necessarily lead to you and your child.Stylish haircut takes time - do not force the client to sit on the "stool", let him relax and have fun.Do not forget about the footrest (either portable, which can be easily pushed back or comes bundled with the seat (2 in 1)).

Make sure you to have a separate seat - for children (grooming).It usually does not take up much space and cleaned without problems.

Here they are - the simple rules of successful interior.Will only find a real barber (not just the pros in their field, but also of a psychologist, the client feels and knows how to arrange, so - attracting like a magnet).

Believe me, the client will appreciate your efforts!