"Ombre" - paint to create an original hair color!

Since 2009, colored hair almost flooded the catwalks and television screens.Until now, the fashion for contrast and vibrant strands is not inferior to the leading positions other types of hair dye, so brondirovanie or Ombre - this is one of the most popular and relevant today salon procedures.

brondirovanie What is and how does it look like?

used for Ombre hair dye stains from abroad, horizontal blur.Hair color at the roots different from the hue on the tips - smooth transition from one to another.The very same style name comes from the French Ā«ombrerĀ» (shade).Creative option involves the use of unusual paint colors - pink, blue, green.

However, the most popular today is the version of "regrown brondirovanie" in which the roots are natural, darker shade, and the ends of the hair, on the contrary, lightened.The original hair color can be dark and Light Brown.Such transitions to shade the strands are very popular among pop divas and Hollywood celebrities.

great effect for any hair

Who else fits brondirovanie?Stylists in one voice say, that almost everyone.Firstly, the visual style of evens the complexion, giving it expression, but that the upper point of staining should not be above the chin.Straight or wavy hair - is also unprincipled.Curly hair with the transition of color look even more elegant and spectacular than the straight lined ironing, strands.

"Ombre" - paint, perfectly suitable for women who every three or four weeks to spend the whole day at the salon for coloring or tinting of hair roots along the entire length.

Ombre home

When painting style Ombre, as in other species, there are subtleties and nuances.The paint must be selected individually.Stylists prefer natural shades, such as honey, chocolate, chestnut, sand, amber and coffee.At the same time no one bothers you choose and somewhat extravagant colors - from light green and turquoise to purple and bright red.

however possible to achieve the effect of a smooth transition from one color to another in the home?Specialists of the company "L'Oreal" developed a new product - a hair dye "Preference Ombre".The kit, in addition to standard oxidizer and developer includes a unique item - a professional comb for coloring style Ombre.Without it achieve the desired effect is extremely difficult.

For connoisseurs of style Ombre paint "Preference Ombre" - a real find.In order that the boundary was blurred colors, not sharp, its creators are advised to hold on strands comb once and not apply paint above the ear.If the hair is long, the start point of the dye is better to shift even further.According

reviews have tried this product, hair dye "Ombre" is applied easily, coloring process does not require specific knowledge and skills and is accessible to everyone.The majority of consumers are satisfied with the result and with the readiness of the Council to assess the means of everyone.

"Loreal Preference Ombre" - paint for stylish, creative women who follow the fashion trends and value their time.