Carolina Herrera - a classic in the fashion and perfume

Maria Carolina Josefina Pakanins e Nino - it sounds so full original name of the famous designer and perfumer Carolina Herrera (Carolina Herrera).Born in Venezuela in 1939, this woman had no idea that within a certain period of time it will become a trendsetter and manufacturer of the popular cosmetics and enchanting aromas.

Since childhood, the girl was involved in the world of the beautiful and graceful things.Carolina Herrera first saw a fantastic show of haute couture at the age of 13 years.That's when my grandmother took her home throughout the fashion world - to Paris.The city helped future designers to experience the atmosphere of bright and sparkling dresses and charming melodies, create models and creators.Familiarity with the world of fashion started with a stunning display of the famous couturier Cristobal Balenciaga.As noted later, she Carolina Herrera, was a child she used to surround themselves with stylish and beautiful things.

At the age of 41, she released her first collection of

clothes, which won a huge amount of sympathy among the critics and those who like to dress up.As stated by the designer, and clothing, and fragrances observe harmony with reality, but it should be added, and a little imagination.It is with this motto woman and lives his whole life.

After the first show of its clothing lines Carolina Herrera moved to New York, where he opened a design studio and company, and still bears its name.In 1987 came the first published collection of wedding dresses.Following the triumphal procession of white dresses for brides Alentova novelty from designer and perfume were also stalls.

Seven years after moving Carolina to New York and came out first perfume Carolina Herrera.This fragrance has attracted connoisseurs for its classical overtones: a drop of jasmine gently combine with the essence of tuberose.Three years later, I saw the light and the male counterpart.

The year 1997 was significant for all the perfume of the world - this is the year the whole society deeply with delight breathes new line of fragrances by Carolina Herrera - «212».The name of the spirits is no accident.Such numbers are telephone code Manhattan.They became a symbol of New York City, as well as born a talented perfumer scent.The bright shop windows, chic restaurants and five-star hotels, the women in furs and men dressed in tuxedos rear white limousines - such associations occur when the smell the "212".

Carolina its first store opened in New York - Madison Avenue.This event took place in 2000.Behind him, a year later, there was the opening of a showroom in Europe, in Madrid.Of course, her classic style in fashion and perfume appreciated by numerous stars and even a special monarchical throne.Spain's royal couple gave Carolina Gold Order, whose name sounds like "For merits in the fine arts."Until then, this award is given only twice - in architecture and ballet.

Throughout its activity perfume Carolina Herrera has released more than 30 flavors.Recognizing that fashion - the lady capricious and very volatile, a woman tries to bring in their new line of fragrance notes.A huge number of experiments and tests let you receive is truly amazing results.So stunning masculine fragrance is Carolina Herrera Chic for Men.This fresh and vibrant fragrance is filled with a harmonious combination of a huge number of ingredients: drops of melon and lemon juice, cardamom and black pepper, suede and wood notes - this is not the whole list of the components of this amazing smell.